60 Frames per Second on Consoles

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60 Frames per Second on Consoles

Ever-improving technology allows video game developers to create vivid and engrossing worlds full of action and adventure. The graphical representation is important for the level of immersion and is largely dependent on the resolution of the image and how many frames display each second. Many gaming computers have the processing capabilities to easily render 60 frames per second at a high resolution, but game consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One, do not have the same level of processing power.


Understanding frame rates

What humans perceive as moving pictures in movies and video games are actually sequences of still images played in quick succession. Each image is a frame and the rate at which the images display is the frame rate. People measure frame rate in frames per second (fps), and most games developers set 30 fps as a baseline, according to the Polygon website. Below 30 fps, animation becomes choppy.

Display frequency

Every monitor and television has its own display frequency, which is usually 60 Hz. The measurement of 1 Hz is one cycle per second, so any video running at 60 fps on a 60 Hz display syncs nicely for the best possible picture. Video running at 30 fps also syncs well as the frame rate divides evenly into 60, allowing the display to show each frame twice every 0.03 second. If a game is running at a different frame rate to the display, images may start to tear and stutter.


Gamers should not confuse frame rate with resolution, which refers to the width and height of an image in pixels. For example, a high-definition image may be 1280x720, sometimes referred to as 720p, or 1920x1080, also called 1080p.


Limitations of game consoles

Usually, 60 fps is standard for PC games due to the vast processing power of home computers. Even the most advanced game consoles have difficulty matching the processing power of a gaming computer, and most run at 30 fps. However, the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U are all capable of outputting a resolution of 1080p.


Myths about frame rate

The difference between the frame rate possible on a computer and the frame possible on a game console has led to many online debates amongst gamers. Some console gamers believe that 30 fps is just as good as 60 fps, and several myths have developed to support this belief.

Humans cannot see 60 fps

Some gamers argue that the human eye cannot see above 30 fps, and therefore, processing images at that speed is unnecessary. However, according to a report by Dustin D Brand, in 2001, the United States Air Force ran tests on pilot eyesight that proved the human eye could identify the picture of an aircraft that was visible for just 0.004 second. The test results indicate that the human eye copes with frame rates up to 220 fps, and maybe more.

No difference between 30 fps and 60 fps

Although the difference between 30 fps and 60 fps is a matter of milliseconds, it is still possible to notice when there is a lag in a visual display, according to the Technology X website. At 30 fps, a display stays on a single image for 33.3 milliseconds, while at 60 fps the display stays on a single image for just 16.65 milliseconds, which does result in a more immediate response to user inputs when playing games.


Games that run at 60 fps

Although many game developers for the Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U still work at 30 fps, some games do offer 60 fps. These games are usually tent-pole titles from a successful franchise or games that are highly anticipated. According to IGN, games running at 60 fps include "Battlefield 4", "Battlefield: Hardline", "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare", and "FIFA 15".

Most of these titles have a native resolution of 1080p on the PS4. However, on the Xbox One, the images render at a lower resolution and then the console upscales the image for display. This is due to the Xbox One's inferior core capabilities, which make it difficult to render 1080p at high speeds.


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