7 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

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When it comes to creating back garden ambiance, an outdoor fire pit is a key feature. Perfect for entertaining, seating around a fire pit is inviting. Consumers can roast marshmallows by the fire on a cold winter's night or enjoy drinks with friends at the end of a barbecue. Outdoor fire pits come in a variety of designs, from simple, pre-made structures to larger structures that consumers can build themselves. The top seven outdoor fire pit ideas feature beautiful designs that are also practical and functional.
Paver fire pit

Paver fire pit Using pavers to build a fire pit allows consumers to customise the pit's size and blueprint. Pavers come in multiple earth tones and are easy to stack on top of each other. Homeowners can create a round design in the centre of a seating area or a square fire pit at one end of the yard. To help the pit blend in with the surroundings, they can choose pavers that match the landscape. Inside the pavers, a layer of rocks or gravel provides a base for the fire.

Burning bowl fire pit

Burning bowl fire pit A burning bowl fire pit is a great option for a small patio or back garden. To create the fire pit, homeowners pour concrete into a large plastic flower pot or bowl. Using a small pan, they can create a depression in the centre of the concrete to hold the gel canister for the fire. Once the concrete sets, they can remove the pit from the flower pot and place it on the deck. River rocks placed on the outside edge of the bowl add style.

Green planter fire pit

Consumers concerned about the environment can use a planter to build an eco-friendly fire pit. Starting with a planter of their choice, homeowners can fill it with river rocks, glass beads, or other non-flammable materials. In the centre of the planter, a small can of Ecoflame creates the fire. Made from natural sugar cane alcohol, the fuel burns clean and provides a gentle fire.

Washing machine fire pit

Washing machine fire pit A drum from an old washing machine makes a practical and budget-friendly fire pit. First, homeowners need to remove the top of the drum and strip everything inside. After taking out the centre spindle, they can use a grinder to smooth down the rough edges. Placing steel legs on the bottom helps balance the drum, and covering it with an outdoor paint protects it from rust. The washing machine drum fire pit is easily portable and takes up a small amount of space.

Glass tabletop fire pit

Glass tabletop fire pit A glass tabletop fire pit that burns gel fuel makes a nice centrepiece for a table on the patio. Using silicone, builders can attach four pieces of glass to make a square. A small planter serves as a base with a layer of mesh inside. The fuel gel can fits in the centre of the mesh with river rocks placed over it for decoration. As the flame glows behind the glass, it creates a beautiful reflection.

Decorative fire pit

Decorative fire pit Consumers can use a pre-made fire pit to create a decorative design in the back garden. First, they need to choose a location in the garden for the fire pit and then use bricks to form a circle slightly larger than the pit. Bricks come in a vast array of colours to match back garden furniture. Builders need to create a stack of bricks tall enough to meet the top of the fire pit. After placing the fire pit inside of the circle, they can use decorative tile around the edges to create a design.

In-ground fire pit

An in-ground fire pit is a good choice to help contain the flames. After digging a large hole in the ground, builders can fill the bottom with a layer of gravel. Inside the hole, they can place multiple layers of stone or brick to create the walls. Masonry adhesive helps the bricks stay together. Attaching a sheet of steel to the interior wall protects the bricks from the heat. At the ground level, capstones or outdoor tiles finish off the design.

How to buy an outdoor fire pit on eBay

Before you host your next back garden party, add some character to your space with a fire pit that you found on eBay. Decide whether you want to order a pre-made design or build one yourself. To start your search, type the words "outdoor fire pit" into the search bar on any page. Scan the list and choose the style that you want or search for materials, like brick and stone, to build one yourself. Search for items offered by local sellers to reduce shipping times.
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