7 Tips for Cleaning and Speeding up Your Mac

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7 Tips for Cleaning and Speeding up Your Mac

No matter how quick a consumer's Mac was when he or she first purchased it, all computers start to slow down over time. Just because a consumer's Mac does not work as well as it once did, however, that is no reason to replace it entirely. Like a dusty attic or a cluttered garage, all Macs need a good cleaning from time to time to keep them useful to their owner. There are seven important tips that any Mac owner can heed to clean and speed up their Mac computer.


1. Clean your Mac's exterior

When it comes to increasing the speed and performance of a Mac, owners should start with a good exterior cleaning. Debris that has made its way into the interior components of the computer may be causing performance problems. Before beginning any physical cleaning, owners should shut down the Mac desktop or laptop.

Consumers can clean the exterior of their Mac computer with an ultra-soft microfibre cloth. They can also use a can of compressed air to clean between the keys of the keyboard, as well as in any open ports of the computer. For touch pads and mice, consumers can utilise cotton swabs with equal parts distilled water and white vinegar to clean off any debris.


2. Clear your browser history

Like any other computer, a Mac stores the history in each browser the owner uses. If more than a few browsers are present, that can add up to a considerable amount of cluttered space, which may slow down the Mac.

To delete the cache and download history in the Mac's default browser, Safari, consumers simply make a few quick clicks of the mouse. Navigate to the preference tab, click the privacy sub tab, and then click "remove all website data".


3. Clear hard drive space

One of the biggest culprits of a slow Mac is low disk space. Consumers are likely to find that their Mac's hard drive has files and applications that are no longer needed. To fix the situation, users should begin by opening the computer's Disk Utility program. After clicking the hard drive button in the left panel, the owner should then click the "Repair Disk" button in the bottom right-hand corner. After repairing the disk, users should utilise a free program, such as OnyX or Clean My Mac 2, to identify and delete useless data, cache files, and duplicate files. Consumers can also check their Applications and Downloads folders for useless applications and other items that are no longer any worth to them.


4. Empty the trash

One common but often overlooked problem of a slow running Mac is excess trash storage. Users should remember to clear their trash storage regularly by clicking the "Empty" button in the Trash application.


5. Open Activity Monitor

Mac users should utilise their Activity Monitor to identify how much of the CPU memory resources each application on the computer is using. Consumers can then identify high resource users and subsequently determine whether they need the application or wish to try a similar one. For example, some Internet browsers take up more CPU memory resources than others do.


6. Check for software updates

Apple regularly updates its hardware and software for Mac computers. Installing such updates helps improve the speed and overall performance of a Mac. Although most Macs automatically notify a consumer with a pop-up when an update is ready to install, consumers can also check for software updates by clicking on the Apple icon in the left-hand corner of the Mac screen.


7. Delete unused languages

Mac computers come pre-installed with a wide variety of foreign language files. While some of these files may be useful, it is unlikely that most consumers need all of them. As such, technology blogs, including CNET, recommend installing free programs such as Monolingual to delete unused languages. This task frees up a great deal of hard disk space, causing computer performance to increase.


How to buy Mac accessories on eBay

Whether you need a laptop sleeve to keep dust off your newly cleaned computer, or you want to stock up on some microfibre cloths for future cleanings, the reliable sellers on eBay have you covered. Simply locate the keyword search box and helpful filters on any eBay page to find the exact product you desire. By following a couple of quick tips, Mac owners are sure to get more life out of their aging Mac computer.

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