7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Lists

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7 Tips on Buying Wholesale Lists to Start and Grow Your Business

The following guide is a collection of my tips for buying wholesale lists to help start or grow your eBay business. Wholesale lists are a must for any starting business. Without cheap products to sell it is impossible to be competitive in a global marketplace. But beware there are some scams out there.

To start off I would like to set the record straight. There are a lot of people out there saying wholesale lists are scams. This may be true in some cases but there are genuine wholesale lists out there and they can be extremely useful for new sellers or sellers wishing to expand their business. Hopefully after reading this guide you will be able to distinguish between quality lists and the scams.

Tip One: The first tip will be obvious for those of you who have been around the eBay seen for some time but for newcomers it might not  be so obvious. The first tip is check feedback. By check feedback I don't mean a quick look  at the numbers and assume they are a good seller. The best way to really tell  if a seller's list is any good is to actually read the comments left with the feedback. The main reason for this is because many buyers, under threat of mutual negative feedback, will leave positive feedback but will write truthful comments about their list. Checking feedback this way will give you a good indication as to whether the seller should be trusted.

Tip Two: If unsure about any of the details about the list email the seller. In most cases sellers don't bite and if we do it is only gently.

Tip Three: Ask the seller if the sources on the list are from Alibaba or TradeKey etc. Although I am sure there are many legit wholesalers on these sites I am yet to come across one. All of the wholesalers from these sites that I have come in contact with have been frauds. Email the seller and ask them if this is where they sourced their contacts from, if so or if they do not respond do not buy their list as it is most likely a scam.

Tip Four: Check if an ABN or your relevant business number is required to purchase from their lists. Although there are rare gems that do not require an ABN to purchase these are generally just cheap retailers as you are not required to be a business to buy.

Tip Five: Check if there are actually wholesalers in your country. Now I have nothing against buying from overseas, actually I probably prefer it, but if you are new to the wholesaling game it is probably better to start off locally until you work up some experience before you aim offshore.

Tip Six: Price. They say price doesn't always mean quality, however, in relation to wholesale lists what you pay for is what you usually get. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a wholesale list of hundreds of contacts updated and therefore these sellers may have a higher price but at least their lists are up-to-date.

Tip Seven: Updateable lists are a must. Most sellers will charge a premium for a list that gets frequent updates via email, however, updated lists are virtually priceless because outdated contacts are the biggest risk with wholesale lists and also if they are sending you updates at least you know they are in it for the long haul. Buying updateable lists is one way of guaranteeing you have fresh contacts.

Ok, that is all from me for now but hopefully I will be back soon. I hope you received some good tips from this guide.

For more information on wholesale lists please visit my About Me page.

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