7 Tips on Choosing Pants for an Apple Shaped Body

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7 Tips on Choosing Pants for an Apple Shaped Body

A woman who has an apple-shaped figure has a larger midsection than she does a waist or hips. Finding pants that fit properly can be difficult because they tend to slide down if the waist on the pants is too large or if the waist is too small, the result is a muffin top effect. Women do not have to be worried about wearing uncomfortable pants or hiding their stomachs if they know how to choose the right pants for their body types. To avoid getting discouraged when shopping, a woman should take the time to learn what to look for. By following a few tips for choosing the right pants and styling an outfit, a woman with an apple shape can accentuate her best features without feeling self-conscious. For the widest selection of pants for all body shapes, a woman should consider browsing the range available on eBay.

1. Avoid Low Rise Pants

Pants with a low-rise waist are also known as hip-huggers. The waist of these pants sits about 8 centimetres below the navel. Women with apple-shaped bodies tend to have hips that are smaller than their waists. Wearing pants that hug the hips further emphasises this contrast in size. The result is an unflattering muffin top. Instead, one should look for pants with no waist or a fold-over waist. These types of pants sit right below the navel and help to hold in the tummy. A pair of flat front pants with an invisible zipper is the ideal choice for the woman with an apple-shaped body as this cut effectively straightens out an apple shape.

2. Choose Flare Leg or Bootcut Pants

A woman with an apple-shaped figure should avoid straight leg pants and skinny jeans. Pants with flared legs or bootcut pants are the ideal choice. Pants with skinny legs make the limbs look smaller and the midsection look larger in comparison to each other. Flare leg and bootcut pants help to balance out the shape. By creating volume on the lower part of the legs, the difference in size is not as apparent. This is especially true for women who have apple-shaped bodies and are short as this cuts gives the legs the illusion of length.

3. Go for Decorative Back Pockets

Common style advice warns women to stay away from pants that have large back pockets or decorated pockets. In many cases, these pockets tend to make the rear look bigger, but in the case of an apple shape, that is actually a good thing. Apple shapes tend to lacking volume in the rear, which only makes the waist and belly look larger. By wearing pants with large and interesting pockets, the pants give the illusion that the rear is curvy rather than flat.

4. Choose Stretchy Material

Stretchy material is a good choice for any clothes worn by an apple shaped woman, especially when it comes to fabric choices for pants. Because the waist is larger than the hips, it is hard for pants to stay up. While many women think that baggy pants are a good choice for hiding the figure, baggy pants actually emphasise the parts on a woman that she may be trying to hide. Stretchy material helps to hold the pants against the body while at the same time pulling in the tummy. This makes the wearer look thinner. Blended fabrics that contain Lycra are the ideal choice.

5. Avoid Pants That Are Too Tight

While an apple-shaped woman should choose a pair of pants with a stretchy material, there is a difference between stretchy pants that conform well to the wearer's body and pants that are just too tight. The pants that a women chooses should fit comfortably around the waist without the belly spilling out over the waistband. Whereas stretchy material holds the belly in, pants that are too tight have the opposite effect. They simply push the belly up and out.

Finding the Proper Size

To avoid buying pants that are too tight, women should take measurements and find the proper size. A woman should use a fabric tape measure to measure around her waist. Different brands of pants are available in different sizes, and not all sizes are universal. The standard pant sizes are listed in the table below.

AU Size










25, 26

27, 28

29, 30


31, 32










It is important to try on pants or refer to the brand's sizing chart before making a purchase. While the sizes in the chart above serve as a general guideline, the actual sizes vary depending on the brand. Some brands are known to run large while others run small.

6. Find the Right Colour

Finding the right pants for an apple shape requires that the shopper making sure that she chooses the right colour. Apple shapes should stay away from bright colours and edgy patterns when choosing pants. These only draw attention to the slimmer legs and makes the wearer's body look disproportionate. When choosing a colour, the woman's skin tone should be taken into consideration, too. Dark and monochromatic shades, like black and navy, are good choices because they work to shrink larger areas. Nude colours, like beiges, browns, and ivories, add definition to an apple shape silhouette. Women who are looking to add a bit of colour to their wardrobe should stick to jewel tones.

7. Wear the Right Top

The right pair of pants can look even better when they are worn with the right top. It is wise for women with apple-shaped figures to avoid tops that are clingy. Instead, women should wear tops with necks that are visually interesting. Scoop neck shirts or V-neck tops are all good choices. These types of shirts draw attention away from the tummy and up to the chest and toward face. Additionally, long shirts, those with empire waists, and flowing fabric help to camouflage the tummy and create the illusion that the belly is thinner. However, boxy and oversized shirts should be avoided as they tend to create a shapeless look or can even make the woman look larger.

How to Buy Pants on eBay

When shopping online for pants for an apple-shaped body, women can find a large selection of styles, prices, and sizes on eBay. You can begin your search for deals on pants by typing keywords into the search bar on the home page to describe the pants you are looking for. Avoid performing a general search for 'pants' or 'women's pants' since the local search engine is likely to return too many results to sort through. Instead, be specific about what you want. From there, narrow down the options and features to refine the results even further.

Before finalising a purchase, it is important to carefully read the description and view the images of the pants to get an idea of how they look and their condition. Compare prices and delivery methods to ensure that you get the best deal. Lastly, review the seller's feedback rating to get a feel for the seller's reputation before making a purchase.


Many women with apple shaped bodies are not happy with their figures and find it difficult to find pants that fit properly. With a large midsection and small hips, it is hard to find pants that do not slide down and are not too baggy. However, there is no need for a woman to stress over shopping for pants. By following a few simple tips and knowing what to look for, she can quickly find a flattering pair of pants that makes her feel confident. Along with choosing the proper size, a woman should also be sure to find the proper style and colour to emphasise her best features, balance her shape, and accentuate her curves. When looking for the best deals on pants, shoppers are sure to find the best deals on women's pants on eBay.

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