8 Must-have Accessories for a Rabbit

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8 Must-have Accessories for a Rabbit

All rabbit owners only want the best for their fluffy companions and there is a large range of great accessories available to house, carry, entertain and feed them on eBay.  Rabbits need a lot of attention, a warm place to live and be able to eat and drink when they are hungry or thirsty and there are lots of rabbit accessories in the Home and Garden: Pet Supplies category. This guide will give you a run through of the best accessories for your rabbit.

1.    Rabbit Hutch

Give your Rabbit a lovely home with a nice rabbit hutch. Hutches can come in various sizes and are generally made of wood. It is important to consider how much space the rabbit will need for various feeding accessories and other pieces of equipment.

2.    Rabbit Carriers

There will come a time when you will need to carry the rabbit from one place to another safely. Rabbit carriers are small boxes with a handle on the top for easy carrying. They are generally very lightweight and have a cage on the front so it is easy to check on the rabbit at all time. Be sure to fill the carrier with straw to make the rabbit feel at home when carrying.

3.    Feeders

Feeders can dispense food at varying times in the day so the rabbit is fed the right amount of food without having to check on it constantly. It is possible to schedule the times in which the food is dispensed and how much food is required for the rabbits meals. There is also a feature that allows the owner to record their voice so the rabbit can hear the owner’s voice at feeding time.

4.    Grooming

The main grooming products needed for a rabbit are a pair of small electric clippers and scissors. These pieces of equipment are vital for keeping the rabbit looking clean and tidy and getting rid of any unwanted or uncomfortable hair.  The scissors can also be used to cut the rabbits claws to ensure the rabbit doesn’t have them too long at any one time.

5.    Harnesses/Leashes

Rabbit harnesses are great for going for a walk around the garden with your rabbit without the constant worrying of whether they will run away or not. The harness can come in varying lengths and attach around the trunk and backside of the rabbit to ensure that the rabbit is safe and secure and most importantly, comfortable.

6.    Pellets

Rabbit Pellets are the food that you feed to a rabbit. They come in bags of around 2.5kg and need to be placed into the feeder. They contain all of the nutrients that rabbits need to stay fit and healthy. It is important to stay away from products that are made from grains, nuts or corn as they are very starchy and rabbits are built to eat grass and leaves predominately.

7.    Play Toys

Rabbit toys can come in many forms. Some of the most popular toys for rabbits are:

· Soft Toys- Similar to a children’s stuffed toy and are great for keeping the rabbit company in the hutch.

· Squeaky Toys- Squeaky toys that come in the shape of various foods like a carrot are cute and are visually appealing to a rabbit even if it is a bit of a tease.

· Dangle Toys- Dangle Toys are great for playing with the rabbit. They are normally coloured bits of string which catch the attention of the rabbit. These toys are great for keeping the rabbit stimulated and active.

· Tunnels- Rabbit tunnels are made from lightweight material and are meant for rabbits to run through.

· Small Balls- The rabbit can bat a small ball around for hours and they are fairly inexpensive.

8.    Trays

There is a large amount of pet trays on eBay for both feeding and going to the toilet. Feeding trays are generally made of steel and are easy to clean. They are great for putting lettuce and carrots in for a special treat. Litter trays are normally made of plastic and are big enough for the rabbit to climb into and go to the toilet in comfort. These are also easily cleaned with warm soapy water.

How to Buy Accessories for a Rabbit on eBay

eBay has a huge range of rabbit accessories that are readily available to bid on and buy. To find the perfect rabbit accessory for your rabbit, go to the All Categories section on the top left of the eBay home page. From there, click on the Home and Garden category and click on the Pet Supplies option. It is here that you can filter your search in a number of ways:

· If you know exactly what rabbit toy or accessory you are after, use the search function on any eBay page which allows you to search directly for the chosen item. A descriptive sentence may be enough to find the perfect item as well as an exact name of a product.

· You can use the Advanced Search function to search by seller, store or buyer. The results can be narrowed down to "All of these words," "Any of these words," or "Exact phrase." Also search for the item in All categories to search the whole eBay site.

· It is important to find out as much information about the seller or store as possible. Also do this for the rabbit accessory as well so you are happy with the item when it is received. As an eBay customer, it is important to feel secure about any purchase that is made on the site. Research the seller thoroughly by checking their Feedback rating, Feedback comments, Number of completed transaction and Positive response percentage.Most eBay sellers run their accounts like retail stores and have their own terms and conditions for returning items. Does the seller have this?

· eBay will always cover the price of purchase and shipping charges with the eBay Buyer protection in the unlikely event that a rabbit accessory hasn’t been delivered or isn’t the item described in the listing. Always read the item listings thoroughly and be sure to consider delivery costs into the overall price and that the seller will insure the items that are being shipped. If you need information about the product, ask by clicking the "Ask seller a question" link on the seller’s profile.

· You can find the latest deals on rabbit accessories by checking in the ‘Home and Lifestyle’ section. Some fantastic discounts can easily be found, along with free postage costs. Fantastic deals are added to the deals page every day in all categories so be sure to visit regularly so you don’t miss out on a bargain.


Looking after a rabbit can be so much fun, so it is important to spoil the rabbit with the must-have accessories outlined in this guide. When choosing a rabbit accessory be sure to research the items thoroughly before buying. The top considerations when buying rabbit accessories should be safety first and foremost. Secondly, ease of use and the fun factor need to be factored in too. Take a look at Home and Garden: Pet Supplies category on eBay to bid on and buy the best rabbit accessories on the market.

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