8 things you must include when selling opera DVDs/CDs

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This guide is especially for those DVD/CD sellers whose stock includes opera DVDs and CDs, but who either know little about opera or who just don't care. Many opera lovers have multiple versions of their favourite works. So it is definitely not enough just to put the title of the work and the composer. Because of the lack of information on most websites on eBay selling opera, true blue opera fans are hesitant to bid because they don't really know what they might get. Opera buffs like specific essential information, not just an image of the cover (often of too low resolution or too small to make out the details): 1. The singers in the main roles (if you do not know which these are, invest in an opera dictionary) 2. A singer in a small role who subsequently has acquired star status (this is harder for sellers who don't have the knowledge) 3. The conductor 4. The opera house which produced the particular performance (for DVDs particularly) - opera buffs go for famous productions 5. If it is a "classic" performance - eg a famous singer. conductor or production from yesteryear - make sure to highlight this. It sells. 6. The number of DVDs or CDs and whether in the case of CDs, it is the complete opera or only highlights 7. For DVDs if subtitles are available and in what languages. Also if removable. 8. For CDs, if a booklet with the libretto and translation(s) are included. This is the least acceptable amount of information. Other information such as the orchestra or choir may be included but this is not as important.



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