9.7 CUBE U9GT2 Google Android Tablet PC Review

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Android Tablet Cube U9GT2 Overview

Android Tablet Cube U9GT2 is a well built tablet with unbelievable price tag.We highly recommend this tablet even though the price might appear a little bit higher than other budget tablets.
Its IPS with 4:3 ratio screen is great for daily tasks with its high performing CPU/RAM and long lasting battery life.
But one of the drawback is that there is no HDMI, GPS and Bluetooth.
In our opinion, those are not mandatory or critical for Android devices - often can be classified as "good to have".
It is ok for 2D games but some of high-end 3D games will lag.

Android Tablet Cube U9GT2 Overall Score

  • Design 5/5
  • Feature 4/5
  • Performance 4/5
  • Price 4/5


  • Frequent firmware update
  • 9.7" IPS screen with 10 point Capacitive touch screen
  • 4:3 screen ratio
  • Well built body - thin and light
  • Long lasting battery life


  • No HDMI, GPS and Bluetooth
  • Single core - laggy 3D games

Design (built/dimensions/screen)

Cube U9GT2 is a well built 10 inch tablet (9.7" to be exact) with 4:3 screen ratio.
This is not a common ratio for tablets but great for viewing pictures, browsing web, and watching movies.
This unique screen ratio is a definitely a big plus compared to other devices.
The body is made of matted finish aluminium and feels very solid compared to other budget tablets.
There is no visible screws or holes; and everything is tightly put together.

The tablet is surprisingly thin and light; even comparable to iPad 2.
It is quite similar to iPad dimensions and weight - 19.5cm x 12cm x 1cm and weights 680g.
We tried to fit into iPad cases but it was not compatible with any of them.

The tablet is fitted with IPS Capacitive 10 points Multitouch Screen that is exactly same screen used for iPad 2.
Its IPS (In-Plane Switching technology) panel gives a great viewing angle with crisp picture quality.
The screen itself gives a big advantage over other tablets.
10 multitouch screen is another plus - but who really needs all of 10 fingers.

Feature (android os/ports/battery life)

Cube U9GT2 had over a dozen of official firmware updates since its release.
It is now in latest Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich).
The user interface is quite simple to use and it comes with a quick tutorial after factory reset.
But it still lacks proper manual or guidelines (it is a common problem for most of Android devices due to frequent updates).There is dual cameras - 2.0 MP front and 2.0 MP back.
It is handy for Skype or any other apps to switch between those two cameras.It comes with general features such as:

  • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n and 3G dongle
  • 4 way G-Sensor
  • Flash 10.3
  • micro SD card slot - supports up to 16 GB
  • USB port
  • OTG port
  • Speaker/Microphone/3.5mm audio jack

Even though it can handle full HD 1080P video playback, there is no HDMI output port - also lacks GPS and Bluetooth feature.

It is not a great deal for some but just bear that in mind as those features are becoming standard features of Android devices and some people assume those features as granted.It is powered by 8000mAH battery (4000mAH x 2).
From the official website, it boasts battery life of10 hours music, 4 hours video, or 5 hours web surfing.
We tested it and we are surprised that claim is not an overstatement.
We were able to get even better result by dimming the screen brightness.

Performance (cpu/ram/hdd)

Cube U9GT2 is a well speced device with high performing components.
CPU: Rockchip RK2918 1.2 GHz
GPU:Vivante GC800
HDD: 16GB Nandflash built in

Quadrant Standard
Total: 1327
CPU: 1163
Mem: 2320
I/O: 2072
2D: 431
3D: 650

It boots up in 10-20 seconds from its cold shutdown.
In general, it feels very responsive to your touch after the boot up.
Noticed some of high end 3D games are a bit laggy as it is single core CPU but overall did not come across any problems with day to day general tasks.


The price is $240 which is only the half of iPad or other comparable big brand tablets.
It is great price and it is worth every penny.


Please visit our listing to purchase one today!!


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