9 Cables to Connect Video Game Consoles to TVs

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9 Cables to Connect Video Game Consoles to TVs

Video games are a hugely popular form of entertainment. To set up a video game console requires connecting the console itself to a monitor or television set. Different consoles and different televisions require different cables. With so many options to choose from, finding the right cable that is compatible with both devices can often be a daunting task. By knowing what types of cables are available, how these cables connect the two devices, and how they operate, a shopper can quickly find the cable that best meets his needs. Choosing the right cable ensures that a gamer experiences the best sound and video quality. eBay makes the task of tracking down the right cables to connect TVs and video game consoles very easy. Furthermore, eBay has the widest selection of cables at the best prices.

1. Coaxial Cables

A coaxial cable is one in which all of the elements share a common axis. This means that the audio and video signals travel down the same pathway. Because of this, both the audio and video signals are not as well defined and clear as they would be if the pathways were separate. Coaxial cables are not used as often as they once were for connecting video game consoles to TVs. When connecting older consoles, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a coaxial cable is required.

2. Component Cables

Component video cables are the conventional method for sending analogue signals between two devices. Component cables replaced coaxial cables as the standard method for connecting two devices and video signals. These cables have red, blue, and green connectors to divide and send the video signals separately. Component cables offer better resolution quality for video. While newer technology exists, component cables are still offered with many video game consoles. Additionally, most newer televisions have these connections, but many older televisions do not support this type of cable. Some component cables have five connectors instead of three, with three for video and two for audio signals. By separating all of the signals, there is less signal loss, hence the visuals are clearer with component connectors compared to coaxial cables.

3. Composite Cables

Composite cables have three connections and these are coloured red, yellow, and white. These differ from component cables because they send both audio and video signals. Composite cables have two connections for audio (left and right) and just one for video. Composite cables are also known as RCA cables, and are the precursor to component cables. Most televisions, both old and new, offer connections for this type of cable. Additionally, both the latest models and older video game consoles can connect using these cables. By using adaptors, even older video game consoles that require coaxial cables can have their coaxial cable connections adapted to work with composite cables.

4. HDMI Cables

High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables are digital cables that carry high-definition video (1080p) and audio signals. These digital cables have replaced the traditional analogue cables, and they have the capability to carry much larger capacity signals than their predecessors. Unfortunately, older video game consoles cannot connect via HDMI cables. The HDMI standard is now the standard for newer consoles such as the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

5. S-Video Cables

Super video (S-video) cables carry analogue signals in standard definition only. While they offer better definition than composite cables, they are not nearly at the same level as HDMI cables. S-video cables have specific cable pins and S-video connections are not standard on many devices, so they are not used as often as the other cables. However, some video game consoles, like the Nintendo Wii, use these specialised cables. Separate cables are needed for transmitting audio signals.

6. VGA Cables

Video graphics array (VGA) connectors have 15 pins and are secured into place with a screw on each side of the connector. These cables are not used for video game consoles. Instead, they are more commonly used for connecting computer monitors to computers. Likewise, they can be used to connect a desktop or laptop computer to a television. This allows people to play or view computer games on a large screen TV rather than on their small computer monitors.

7. SCART Cables

SCART cables are now obsolete, but can still be used for older televisions. During the 1970s and 1980s, SCART cables were standard for many devices and televisions. These cables were introduced as a way to simplify the connection of audio and video equipment. Rather than needing multiple cables for each device, the 21-pin connection handled it all. With the introduction of high-definition technology, SCART cables and connections were phased out.

8. Optical Cables

Since many of the cables that connect video game consoles to TVs focus on video, shoppers also need to consider their options for audio. Optical cables are among the best choices for audio signal transmission. These audio cables propagate audio signals as light waves. These fibre optic cables are favoured because they are strong, fast, and reliable. Signals are transmitted much faster than other types of audio cables, and can handle a lot of stress, and wear and tear.

9. Other Cables Needed for Connecting Video Game Consoles

In addition to the audio and video cables, video game consoles need several other cables and wires in order to operate properly, the most important of which is the power cord. Most consoles come with the necessary power cords, but if the system is purchased used or the cord becomes lost or damaged, it can easily be replaced. These cords plug directly into a wall outlet to receive power. Some consoles have portable power cords that can connect to battery packs or outlets in cars.

How to Buy Cables for Video Game Consoles on eBay

Finding the right cables to connect your video game console can be difficult. If you are not familiar with how to connect the devices together, you may have trouble determining which cables you require. This is especially hard when there are so many available connections on a television set. Fortunately, shopping on eBay makes it easy for you to find deals on the cables that are compatible with both your console and your television.

Searching for Cables

Start your search by performing a basic keyword search. If you are not certain which cables you need, try a search such as "playstation 3 cables". This action prompts the local search engine to return all listings that match those keywords. Since there are likely thousands of options, filter the results further by selecting different options that pertain to what you are looking for. Select the type of cable you want, the price range you are shopping in, and the condition of the cable.


In order to play video games on a large television, or any television, the proper cables are required to connect the video game console to the TV. Each video game system requires its own cables, as does each television. Learning about the different types of audio and video cables that are available, as well as how they work helps the shopper find the cables that are right for his gaming system. Some of the older gaming consoles connect to other devices via RCA cables, while consoles that offer high-definition gaming require HDMI connectors. Some people may even choose to upgrade their cables for a better gaming experience. When shopping for cables to connect video game consoles to TVs, shoppers can find a large selection and great deals on eBay.

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