9 Essential Caravan Safety Items

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9 Essential Caravan Safety Items

Although a caravan provides a home away from home for travellers and holidaymakers, many overlook the safety basics that are second nature while at home. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation governs the installation and use of some caravan safety items, such as smoke alarms. However, users require additional safety items in emergencies. These include fire fighting equipment, first aid kits, emergency food and water rations, a basic tool kit, fuel, communication equipment, safety stickers, and sun protection. Buyers can find caravan safety equipment at a variety of stores and online retailers, including camping shops and online marketplaces like eBay.

1. Fire Fighting Equipment

First, identify emergency escape routes in case a fire breaks out in the caravan. Invest in two fire extinguishers and place one near the most likely source of fire, usually the kitchen, and the other near the emergency exit. Ensure that the extinguishers are easy to reach in an emergency. Consider mounting each device on a wall so that they are unobstructed at all times. Different types of extinguishers are suitable for different types of fires. A powder extinguisher is the most versatile choice. Check the extinguishers' pressure before going on holiday and have both devices serviced annually. Keep a fire blanket in the kitchen and use this to put out cooking fires.

2. Smoke Alarm

Caravans must be equipped with working smoke alarms. These can save lives by alerting people to a fire before it is too late to take action. Choose a smoke alarm with a hush button that makes it easy to silence false alarms. Change the batteries in the alarm at least once a year or before going on holiday. Test and maintain the alarm according to the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that it works correctly.

3. First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is essential when travelling. A basic first aid kit should include bandages, gauze, sharp scissors, tweezers, eye pads and rinse, and plasters. Those that are venturing off the beaten track should include over-the-counter emergency medication, such as antihistamines and anti-bacterial salves. Consider the environment when assembling the kit and plan accordingly.

4. Water and Emergency Food Rations

Never travel without an adequate supply of drinking water. A breakdown on a deserted road in the middle of summer, with help hours away, can lead to dehydration and a medical emergency. Adventurous travellers that intend to stray far off the beaten track should also include emergency food rations.

5. Tools and Spare Parts

When touring in a caravan, a tool kit plays an important role in traveller safety. From securing gas bottles to repairing minor breakdowns on isolated roads, having the right tool for most jobs can make all the difference. A tool kit should include pliers, flat and crosshead screwdrivers, an adjustable spanner, a gas bottle spanner, sockets, a sharp knife, insulation tape, and spare fuses. Pack a torch and spare batteries. Consider Rescue Tape, which is self-sticking silicone tape that is handy for anything from emergency repairs of a radiator hose to temporary plumbing repairs. Also, consider a tyre patch kit and remember to check the spare tyre and safety triangles before setting off.

6. Fuel

When planning a caravan holiday, check the distance between refuelling points. If it is likely that fuel availability is a problem while touring, invest in a good quality fuel can. Ensure that it holds enough fuel to supplement supplies between refuelling points. Take care when packing because fuel is flammable.

7. Communication Equipment

Those travelling in the Australian Outback or other isolated areas should not rely on their mobile phones to keep in touch with friends and family or to summon emergency assistance if required.Satellite phones andhigh frequency radios are more reliable in these areas, as they do not rely on mobile phone network coverage. Before setting off, create a list of emergency contact phone numbers in specific travel regions. Also invest in a distress beacon. When activated, it helps emergency services and search and rescue teams to locate people in distress.

8. Safety Stickers

Travellers should ensure that caravans feature the required safety stickers. Reflective decals improve visibility and allow other road users to identify a moving or stationary caravan. If the vehicle and caravan have a combined length of more than 7.5 metres, add " Do not overtake turning vehicle " signs. When the vehicle and caravan exceed this length, the driver must swing to the right to turn left on tight corners. This increases the likelihood of hitting an overtaking vehicle while turning, and not displaying these signs means the driver towing the caravan is responsible for the collision.

Sticker Type

Sticker Purpose

LPG On Board

Lets fellow drivers and officials know you are carrying gas on board

"If You Can't See Me, I Can't See You"

This lets other drivers know that if they do not see the drivers' mirrors, the caravan driver cannot see the other driver

Compressed Air Hazard

Lets others know you are carrying a canister of compressed air that, if hit, can cause an explosion

9. Sun Protection

One of the best parts of a holiday is basking in the sun. However, too much of a good thing can be dangerous, especially in an emergency. A roadside breakdown in the middle of the day in an area with little or no shade or shelter can lead to sunstroke, dehydration, or severe sunburn. Travellers can protect themselves by packing basics, such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Include anawning, tent, or gazebo to create shelter from the sun. Temperatures inside sun-baked cars and caravans often make them impractical when temperatures are dangerously high.

How to Buy Essential Caravan Safety Items on eBay

Finding essential caravan safety items on eBay is simple. Use the search field on any page to find specific items. Type a key phrase, such as " caravan safety", into the bar to see the items on offer. Narrow your results by choosing the most suitable item specifications. Remember to visit eBay Deals for more excellent offers on caravan safety equipment.

Keeping yourself and your passengers safe while touring with a caravan is easy with the right equipment. Make fire safety a priority and plan for things that could go wrong. eBay makes shopping for safety equipment affordable and convenient.

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