9 Tips on Choosing the Best Material for Your Golf Clubs

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9 Tips on Choosing the Best Material for Your Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are made from different materials, and the materials determine, to some extent, the manner in which the golf club performs. Many golfers try to match the advantages of certain shaft and head compositions to characteristics of their swing. Swing speed has a significant effect on the type of shaft material that a golfer may want to use.

The composition and construction of the materials used in the head of the golf club can benefit golfers of different skill levels. Understanding the subtle differences in golf club construction materials can help golfers choose clubs that can help them improve the quality of their game. Retail outlets that sell sporting goods are likely to offer a selection of different types of golf clubs; pro shops at golf courses offer a selection of premium golf club brands. For a large selection of golf club design choices, buyers should consider shopping for clubs on eBay.

9 Tips on Choosing Golf Club Shaft Materials

The two common materials used to construct golf club shafts are steel and graphite. While some professional golfers may remember a time when wooden shafts were the material of choice, they are nothing more than a collector piece today and are getting harder to find. The characteristics of steel and graphite vary and can be an important consideration for golfers selecting a set of clubs.

1. Select Steel Shafts for Accuracy

Steel shafts on golf clubs generally have less flex than graphite shafts. The marking on the shaft indicates the amount of flex a player can expect from the design of the shaft. However, when comparing the difference between steel and graphite, steel is stiffer. A lot has to do with the golfer’s swing speed and his tendency to push or pull shots in a particular direction. Golfers who slice or hook the ball frequently are likely to find the problem exasperated by a graphite or high flex shaft.

2. Select Graphite Shafts for Maximum Distance

The whip provided by a graphic shaft has a tendency to propel a golf ball to greater distances. A golfer who has good control of the side-to-side trajectory of golf shots can benefit from a graphite shaft with slightly more flex.

3. Select Graphite Shafts for Maximum Loft

For golfers who have trouble attaining loft on golf shots, a graphite shaft can assist in getting the ball into the air faster. Of course, the loft of the club head is the primary factor in how high the shot flies, but graphite shafts generally produce more loft than steel shafts when all other factors are equal. 

4. Understand Shaft Stiffness

Regardless of whether one chooses a steel or graphite shaft, a golfer needs to understand the rating system for stiffness of the shaft in order to select the ideal material for his swing type. The following chart provides a listing of golf club shaft ratings regardless of shaft composition.

Shaft Rating


Recommended Swing Speed

X or Extra Stiff

Golfers that approach 300-yard drives consistently can benefit from an extra stiff shaft

Over 105 mph

S or Stiff

The common shaft stiffness for low handicap golfers

90 to 105 mph

R or Regular

High handicap golfers can benefit from the extra flex to gain some distance

80 to 95 mph

S or Senior

When swing speeds begin to slow from age, a switch is often necessary to remain consistent

70 to 85 mph

L or Ladies

Ladies who are not professional golf players and higher handicap golfers can use the extra flex

Below 70 mph

Some golf shops and golf driving ranges have the ability to measure a golfer’s swing speed. The swing speed measurement may be offered for free, or a small charge might be incurred for the service.

Tips for Choosing Wood Club Head Composition Materials

A larger disparity exists between the club head materials of clubs designated as woods and the materials used in irons. Drivers and fairway woods respond much differently, depending on the materials from which they are made.

5. Low Handicap Golfers Should Consider a Titanium Driver

Titanium drivers are lightweight and incredibly easy to swing. Combined with a tungsten insert, a titanium driver can add distance off the tee. The light weight can help increase club head speed, and the solid feel on impact comes from the tungsten insert. While significantly more expensive than steel, aluminium, and titanium alloys, the titanium driver can be a worthwhile addition to a low handicap golfer’s bag.

6. Purchase Steel Fairway Woods

Fairway woods made with steel heads are heavier than titanium and aluminium but provide golfers with more control over the flight of the ball. Golfers with good to fast swing speeds are able to generate sufficient club head speed to account for the heavier weight.

7. High Handicap Golfers Should Consider Aluminium Woods

Golfers with slow swing speeds and higher handicaps can benefit from the lighter weight of aluminium woods. The costs of an aluminium driver, three wood, or five wood are lower than that of titanium or steel. The lighter weight of the head helps the golfer increase club head speed, resulting in longer drives and fairway wood shots.

Tips for Choosing Iron Club Head Materials

Golf irons used to be made from forged iron, but irons these days are typically constructed from steel alloys. More significant to the golfer is the manner in which the iron is made. One cannot expect the desired results by using an iron that is not suited to one's game.

8. Low Handicap Golfers Should Consider Using Forged Irons

An iron forged into a solid club head from a steel alloy can benefit lower handicap golfers. A forged iron is not very forgiving on a miss hit shot, but the club design allows the golfer to work the ball. The ability to fade or draw a shot can be important, depending on the lie of the golf ball relative to the obstacles golfers face on the course.

9. High Handicap Golfers Should Consider Cavity Back Irons

Cavity back irons are cast out of the same steel alloys as forged irons, but the casting process allows the club designer to have more flexibility with the design of the club head. Perimeter weighted iron club heads take some of the weight of the metal away from the back centre of the club head and transfer the weight to the outer edge of the head. Perimeter weighted club heads are more forgiving and make shots easier to hit. High handicap golfers benefit from the larger sweet spot and the greater control the clubs provide. The ability to work the ball is greatly diminished by a perimeter weight design due to the tendency of the club head to correct for swing deviations.

Buying Golf Clubs on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a broad selection of golf clubs in various shaft and head compositions. Matching your swing characteristics to the golf club that responds well for the type of game you play is key to making a satisfactory purchase. With the large selection available, you can choose the clubs that are just right for you, purchase the clubs with a click of a mouse, and have them shipped directly to your doorstep.

Searching for golf clubs on eBay is easy; just enter keywords like "titanium driver" into any eBay search bar to display the listings that match your request. Narrow the displayed listings by clicking on options such as the brand, shaft material, or dexterity. Be sure to also look in the eBay Deals section to find golf clubs that may be offered at special pricing. After selecting the clubs you intend to purchase, use any of the secure payment methods the website offers.


Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and skill levels, and the technology of golf balls and golf club construction can help level the playing field for amateur golfers. Understanding how different types of golf club shafts can improve or hinder a player’s abilities helps the golfer select the right shaft for his style of game. Using the material that matches a golfer’s swing can help outfit the player with the type of driver and fairway woods to get the maximum performance from the clubs. Choosing the type of iron well suited to a player’s game can help him hit shots more consistently and improve his game. Like most tasks, where using the right tools to get the job done makes the job easier to perform, one can expect more from a game of  golf with the right golf clubs in hand.

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