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New to fly fishing ? Been fly fishing for a while but need more flies? Looked on ebay and been daunted by the hundreds of items listed under trout flies or fly fishing? Then read on because this guide is for you...

I was fortunate enough to learn to tie fishing flies when I was 13 and now I'm nearly 38 so its been almost 25 years...I have literally tied tens of thousands of flies, used to sell them commercially and also have sold hundreds here on ebay.I know how much work should go into a good fishing fly because thats what I do- put lots of work into good flies when I tie them. Here are so tips to help you in your ebay search...read them before you bid..

1-Ensure the flies you are buying are the ones represented in the picture on the ebay auction ad- if theres no picture move on because you should never by flies unseen.

2-Ensure that the photo on the ad is that of the flies being auctioned; some unscrupulous sellers steal the photos / pictures off other sites and put them on their ads.

3-Make sure the ad describing the flies mentions that they are tied on chemically sharpened hooks; if unsure ask the seller a question about this.These are quality hooks that have better hooking capacity

4- Give priority to ads that detail that the flies are tied locally for local conditions; many discounted flies are tied overseas of dubious materials and dubious quality. Local ones may be fractionally more expensive but are of exceedingly higher quality.Ask the seller where the flies are tied and avoid those tied overseas.

5- Give priority to sellers with high feedback ratings ; take time to read the comments of prior auctions where the seller has sold flies to gauge other ebayers reactions to them.

6-Make sure the seller mentions careful packing of the flies; this is crucial to avoid them being crushed when posted to you

7-Give preference to sellers who provide paypal payments to be made- it is easy to use and trouble free and can assist if there is any problem with the transaction.

8-When reading the ad, give preference to those auctions which mention that genetic hackles are used on dry trout flies- these are high quality hackles that let the flies float better than other types of hackles

9-Ascertain if the flies are hand tied- some flies are tied overseas on machines which lack the quality of hand tied  flies

10-Saltwater flies should be tied on stainless hooks; ascertain this before bidding.

11- If the seller is selling mulitple lots ask if they combine lots to save you on postage charges.

12- Ask the seller how long they have been tying the flies for; give prefernce to sellers with years of experience.Also ask if they fly fish themselves; this can be a guide to the effectiveness of the flies because many tiers who fly fish have experienced catching many fish on flies they have tied themselves.Avoid sellers who are simply acting as agents or intermediaries in offloading bulk flies- they seldom fish and lack knowledge of the effectiveness of the flies or their overall quality.

By following these tips you are ensuring that you are doing everything possible to obtain high quality flies of good quality that will help you catch  fish ! Happy bidding and tight lines !!

Written by Cameronhighlander

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