A Basic Guide To Buying A Dog Crate

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A Dog crate is an excellent behaviour management tool. Most dogs like the idea having a "den" as they have a genetic history of being den animals. A den is  a safe where a dog feels instinctively secure, and a place they avoid soiling.

Not only are they used for house training but are also a very useful for dog shows, general travelling, sleeping, potty training, recuperating from an injury or simply a place for it to relax.

A dog crate/cage come in different sizes and styles, but the most popular ones dog owners have found to be useful are the 2 door collapsible metal style dog crates, the two door crates give front and side entrance for easy access to your dog from awkard places, which makes it most convenient for you, like if  one of the sides is against the wall you can access it from the front door of the crate or if you were feeding your dog food using the front and side doors as a training aid helping you introduce your dog the crate easier.

Having a  collapisble or folding crate makes it a great compact storage tool. The metal crates are usually very quick to set up almost in seconds, and you dont have to worry about any special tools when settting one up.

Dog crates come in many sizes but the most common ones dog owners and professional breeders used are below:

 XXLarge 48"collapsible or folding dog cage/crate (couple examples, german shephards grey hiunds great danes),  the measurements for this style of crates are normally listed  in inches 48" Length by 30" width by 33" Height or in centimeteres 122cm Length by 76cm Width by 84cm Height when opened up.

 XLarge 42" collapsible or folding Dog cage/crate (couple examples, golden retriever, boxer or labrador) the measurements for this style of crates are normally listed in inches, 42" Length by 28" Width by 31" Height or in centimeters 107cm Length by 71cm Width by 79cm Height when opened up.

Large 36" collapsible or folding dog crate/cage (couple examples, border collie, basset hound, bulldog and other smaller breeds) this style of crates are normally listed in inches 36" Length by 24" Width by 27" Height or in centimeters 91cm Length by 61cm Width by 68cm Height when opened up.

If your dog is a puppy and your still unsure what size crate to buy, you want to find out how big he will get when he is fully grown, if he is a known breed, the breeder or breed books can tell you the adult size for males and females or if your still unsure ask whomever you purchased the dog off how big the parents of your puppy grew to be.

Normally a crate should be big enough  so that your dog can stand up, turn around and lay flat on his side in comfort.  

Just remember not all wire mesh crates are of the same quality and that there are sellers out there on ebay who let buyers down with the quality of service this is because these sellers do not specialise solely on crates, you will find they sell hundreds of other unrelated items like whipper snippers which is why they let you down with service and even quality of crates. Cheaper isnt always better.

Check out their feedback scores, this will give you a pretty good indication of their reputation of quality service and see how many positive, netural and negative feedback scores they recieved for that month, you can see the items people have purchased and what comments they leave on their feedback scores.


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