A Buyer's Guide to Cordless Power Tool Kits

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Cordless Power Tool Kit Buying Guide

Smart manufacturers of power tools have long realised the benefits of conveniently putting everything needed to use the tool in one place, or kit. Some manufacturers include accessories that would normally be sold separately to entice the buyer with additional savings. Most manufacturers now offer their cordless models in a kit form, and often include accessories that can’t be found anywhere else. The container that houses the contents of the kit is usually made of molded plastic, and each component fits neatly into its own place.
Cordless power tools offer the convenience of not having to locate a source of electricity before starting the job. The kit makes it possible to bring everything needed to perform the task. As long as the battery packs are charged, the tool is ready to go. Some cordless power tool kits even include a spare battery pack so work can continue uninterrupted once the original battery runs out.
As with any power tool, proper instructions must be followed to ensure the safety of the operator, and to get the most from the equipment and accessories.


Saw Kits

Considering the varieties and purposes of saws that are available, it makes sense to keep everything related to each saw in its special place. The most common cordless power saw kits are circular saws, jig saws, and reciprocating saws.

Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw eliminates the need for extension cords and thereby increases the safety of the operation. In the case, there is usually a place for the blade-changing wrenches, and an edge guide for long straight cuts. Sometimes there will be a spot to store spare blades.


A cordless jigsaw is perfect for cutting curves and shapes from sheet goods. With no bulky cords to get in the way, the task is even easier. A kit might contain extra blades, a charger for the battery pack, and an edge guide for long straight cuts.

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are usually used for cutting through materials in a demolition project. The cordless feature gives the operator freedom to attack the material without concern of cutting through the cable. A cordless kit may contain a selection of blades for multiple materials, and a charger to keep the battery pack at its peak.


Drill Kits

There are two common types of drills, and the job at hand will determine the best drill to purchase.

Pistol Grip Drill

The pistol grip drill is designed like a pistol, with the grip at the back, and is used for smaller jobs like driving screws, tightening bolts (with the appropriate accessories), and drilling holes. The battery pack is usually at the base of the grip, to provide better balance and reduce operator fatigue. There is usually a multi-position chuck at the nose of the drill, that lets the operator select the amount of torque needed to perform the task.

T-Handle Drill

The second type is a t-handle drill, where the handle is located near the middle of the drill on the side, to provide better balance for the operator. The power source will depend on the size of the drill, and will range from under 13.2 volts for light projects, to 24 volts for heavier projects like drilling masonry. Some kits include an assortment of drill bits to suit the tasks that the tool is capable of, and an optional t-handle to add stability during drilling.


Sander Kits

The sanding stage of a project removes any excess material and gets it ready for finishing. A popular choice is a random orbital sander kit, which usually contains a place for several abrasive disks, and a battery charger.


Grinder Kits

A grinder is one of those tools that should be in every shop, both home and in industry, even though it may not be used very often. When it is needed, however, the aggravation saved will more than compensate for the cost. A cordless angle grinder kit will have pre-determined spaces in the plastic case for extra grinding and cutting disks, as well as the wrenches needed to change the disks.


Buying Cordless Power Tool Kits On eBay

When shopping for cordless power tool kits, most large department stores and hardware stores will have a selection to choose from. For the largest selection, buyers can shop eBay. At eBay, a shopper has the opportunity to bid on a cordless kit in an ongoing auction, and can often acquire the brand of choice for less than retail price. Most items can also be claimed through the “buy now” button, at a stated price. When shopping on eBay, shoppers should always check the return policies, just like buying retail. One eBay advantage is the PayPal secure payment feature, which protects both the buyer and seller in the event of discrepancies.

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