A Buyers Guide to LED Lighting

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Where do I Start??
Researching LED Lighting can be an overwhelming experience. A simple Ebay search results in thousands of listings. How do I know what is good or not???
I would suggest looking at the feedback of the seller and see if they specialize in LED lighting or lighting in general for that matter. This is IMPORTANT,
A specialist seller has access to multiple suppliers / products, detailed knowledge of their business and concentrates on their core business.
Is the seller a specialist & has a track record with a good feedback? Just these two criteria would help you narrow your search down by 90 percent.
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All of us can't be specialists in every product we purchase and I think it is always good to get good advice.
Ask questions : Here is the first few that I would ask a seller -
1. Are your products Australian Standards or Equivalent approved and can be legally sold in Australia ?
- If a product is not approved to be retailed in Australia and causes damage to your property will my insurance cover me?
2. Can you substantiate the product claims with any test reports?
These two questions will narrow down your search by another 50%.
3. Finally, does the seller offer Warranty & what is the refunds procedure? Am I able to get a refund if I am not happy?
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Lumens, Lux, Beam Angle, CRI & the list goes on.....
A seller should be able to assist with the best suggestion for your requirement. Are you replacing existing lights? New Install? Which part of the house are the lights for?
There are many products available but one might not be suited as well for your requirements as the other.
Again, I would ask the seller.
Researching is not a bad idea, it is always good to know the basics but it never hurts to ask questions or get advice.
As a basic guide here is what I would suggest is a good specification for any LED Light :
Lumens per Watt - 65 to 80
CRI or colour rendering index - 80+
Beam Angle - Would vary for different kind of lighting. For example for downlights a beam angle of 60 degrees is good and will give you similar lighting as a halogen.
This is just a basic guide and I will try and write a technical guide which will delve into the technicalities of LED's.
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