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SELLING, yr advetising an item:- why not CLEAN it POLISH it as though it is a precious ITEM, you want a GOOD price don,t you? so take the time to present it at its best!!PHOTOS, have GOOD photos (saves buyers asking many questions , use a GOOD BACKGROUND, BEST LIGHT you can get , DON,T CHEAT!! I bought a lamp that was turned in such a fashion that wick winder could,ntBE SEEN  I trusted the seller (sadly) he said MY FAULT "see the photos he said when I complained" point is he was,nt HONEST, so beware there are a very few rogues who DECIEVE!! thanfully only a very few ,explain any faults and bring them to buyers attention LETS KEEP EBAY ETHICAL!! (you would,nt like it done to YOU ,SO DON,T DO IT TO OTHERS, if a few things need fixing WHY NOT FIX them?? you want the BEST PRICEDON,T YOU??CAREFULLY WRAP your sold item as though it was being SENT TO YOU, ABOVE ALL be courteous to buyers even though some questions seem IDIOTIC(keep it ethical)arrange for yr sale to conclude at a reasonable time before 10 pm and after 7pm (giving most people a chance in final bidding,         BUYING:- its OFTEN said LET the BUYER BEWARE!!as I covered earlier an odd FEW charletans are out there sadly, IF your NOT sure ASK the seller AHEAD of time, again be courteous TREAT PEOPLE the WAY YOU would like to be treated ,"LETS KEEP EBAY ETHICAL!! (it is fun!! and rewarding!!) IF  you,re 

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