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There are three (3) important areas to remember when you are applying Anti Slip Tape

  1. Make sure the substrate surface is clean, dry and smooth
  2. After removing the liner try not to touch the adhesive side of the tape during application as oils from your hands can contaminate bonding
  3. Make sure to press firmly and then roll tape during application to give an optimum contact for bonding

For best results and to prevent lifting especially at corners clean substrate surface the anti slip tape is to be ahered to thoroughly before applying tape.

Depending on substrate surface you can use a commercial cleaner, a light acid wash or methylated spirits.

The anti slip tape has instant grip, so it is best to cut to the lenghts required before commencing application.

Mark the substrate surface with a straight line where the anti slip tape is to be applied (you can use a chalk line, highlighter or any marker that can easily be removed (wiped off) at clean up.

STEP 1:-  At left hand side of tape pull liner back 50 - 100mm,  and stick anti slip tape on or just above chalk line, press down firmly.

STEP 2:-  Remove the remaining liner (pull off) and stick anti slip tape on or just above the chalk line, press down firmly.  Roll over applied tape for optimum contact and bonding. 

CLEAN UP:-  Remove chalk line

If you are applying more than 1.5m of anti slip tape, you can repeat step 1 until you have finished the task and then roll over applied tape for optimum contact and bonding, and then proceed to Clean Up.






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