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Avoid Vacuum Cleaners Dumb - What can we do?

Our Eco-System has found a New Foe. Vacuum Cleaners! Each year, Hundreds of THOUSANDS of Vacuums are finding their way into our dumps, what can we do?

These aren't the vacuum cleaners your grandma used to lug around the house doing her cleaning. These aren't those "dinosaurs", that used to last for almost your Entire Life. No, these are a Whole NEW Breed, a hybrid known as, the Disposable Vacuum Cleaner. Built for convenience more than quality and/or durability, these menaces by the Hundreds of Thousands a year, are being tossed into the trash, and at a higher frequency now, than ever before. What can we do to help stop this waste?

Buy Better Vacuums

If you just went out and paid $50 for an Upright Vacuum Cleaner, chances are, the one you just bought is probably not a very good one. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to vacuums cleaners. Although a couple of vacuums are still built with metal parts (mostly aluminum), the majority of vacuum cleaners are built with cheap plastics, nearly everywhere throughout their structure. Plastic brush rolls, plastic nozzles, plastic switches, you name it, it's now made of plastic. Unfortunately this trend doesn't look like it is changing anytime soon.

Basic facts about plastic:

1) Plastic is not exactly known for it's strength aspects, in fact it is a brittle material and is not made to handle heat and stress, but these are exactly what vacuum cleaners absorb.

2) Vacuum Cleaner Plastic is not exactly known as a bio-degradable substance and most of the parts in a vacuum cannot be recycled, so instead, they end up finding our garbage dumps instead.

So when choosing a vacuum, test it's stability, move it around, raise it lower it, etcetera, to see if this is a good sturdy vacuum cleaner with some life in it. ie; one place vacuum cleaners get the most stress is where the main body and base meet. So make sure this is strong, and not snapped together or something, otherwise it is destined for the waste pile.

Our best advice is come in or call us 1300-567-002  anytime, or Visit your local vacuum repair shop

Know What You are Buying!

Avoid the shopping networks as far as vacuum cleaners go. Many vacuum cleaners these days, are sold by advertisement ploys. The big catch term today is "Pet Hair" vacuums and "HEPA" is wide spread terminology. Manufacturers will tell you just about whatever they have to, to get you to buy their vacuum cleaner! If they mislead you into buying their faulty products? It's "Whoops, Thanks for the FREE Product Testing Results".

Do your own research, don't fall solely for looks, or what manufacturers tell you. Decide what type of vacuum cleaners is best for YOU and prepare yourself with any information that will help you make a better buying decision, that suits your Needs. Try it, check how it feels in your hand, will you even like it? Is the front hood low enough to go under the furniture you need it to go under? You should always try the vacuum you buy, BEFORE you buy it. That's why at our stores, we offer FREE demonstrations of ANY Vacuum (or Janitorial Equipment) we have in our showroom. It's so our customers will know what they are buying.

Maintain Your Investment

The worst fact about all this waste, is that most of it can be prevented. Like any machine, a vacuum cleaner requires routine maintenance to work like it should. Most of us (and I am included) don't necessarily look forward to changing a vacuum cleaner belt, replacing a paper vacuum cleaner bag or cleaning out a bagless vacuum cleaner filter, but the fact remains, these "chores" are what allow our vacuum cleaners to run at peak performance, extend their life and save us money on replacement costs. Most vacuum cleaner repairs come into our shop because they are clogged or require some other inexpensive repair. This is one of the main reasons that disposable vacuums are thrown out. So protect your investment. Maintain you vacuum cleaner routinely. You'll save more money in the end, and we'll keep cheap vacuum cleaners out of our landfills.

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