A Guide To Buying DVD Movies and more

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The purpose of this guide is I get alot of questions on purchasing region 4 DVDs. The aim here is to provide a quick and useful guide to provide consumers with up to date and helpful information on buying DVDs. This information can also be used to buy DVDs form anywhere, not just EBAY.

Question - When do movies on DVD get released here in Australia ?

Answer - For movies that have had a theatrical release, it takes approximately three months after the end of a release for films to appear on DVD. Also there are upwards of 100 movies per month that are direct to DVD. This means that the movie didn't appear on Australian Theatres and the reason that happens are many.

Question - How do I know that a movie is made in Australia (known as Region 4) ?

- Since approx April 05, the Office Of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) which creates classification of all product releases for books, music, games and movies in Australia re-released ratings with more descriptive items for specific classifications. They also created new colour codes for easier inspection of type. You still have the following classifications (G), (PG), (M), (MA+), (R) and (X).

A PS2 game with the old  (G)                                         A PS2 game with the revised (G)
classification                                                                  classification


They are colour coded as the following, (G) is green, (PG) is yellow, (M) is blue , (MA+) is red , (R) and (X) are black.

Also these classifications are on the Australian DVD cover (slick) and more often are also starting to appear on the disc itself.

Question - What if I buy a DVD from a different region other than Australia ?

Answer - For me, the is always the hardest question to answer. In short, if you purchase a Region 1 (USA) DVD, say direct from Amazon Canada for personal use only, then thats fine. Where the waters start to get murky is if you are buying a movie that has not been released theatrically in Australia. You are then in breach of copyright under Australian parallel importing laws.

For Example, if Spiderman 3 is going to be released next week at the cinemas and you bought a copy on DVD region 1 form Canada at the same time, then you are breaking the law. Please do not be frightened to buy DVDs from overseas, just appreciate your rights under law and the effects of copyright infringement. For more detailed information there are other better resources for information, like www.oflc.com.au is a good place to start.

Question - Why do people buy or obtain pirated DVDs ?

Answer - This is the "how long is a piece of string" question.  In short, it is people being impatient. The younger crowd (and some older) feel like they are"beating the system", so there is a thrill factor to some. Some feel that they are not hurting anybody, so it's ok.
The sad truth is apart from being illegal, and some involvement of organised crime, it does hurt the industry. For EVERY illegal DVD sold, it equates to one hour of paid employment that someone is missing out on. This is also true for music AND games. Something to think about....

Question - Where is the best place to buy DVDs ?

Answer - There are many places, your local shopping centres, like Big W, Kmart, JB HIFI, your local video store, etc. Many online stores and of course, EBAY. Always shop around for the best prices of your product of interest, sometimes you will be amazed at when and where the bargains are. If you use EBAY alot and you need help with finding product, drop your favourite seller a question, they should be happy to answer.

Thankyou for taking the time to view and rate my guide.
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