A Guide To Goth And Custom

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This is ebays answer to Goth searching. Some people would find it very hard to believe how many people of alternative lifestyles search ebay and pour through the massive amounts of items and sellers. Sometimes you get lucky sometimes you dont. This guide is to hopefully get you lucky.

Now sometimes i find it very hard to find quality gothic looking items in the styles and sizes i want but who doesnt? I have become a pro at finding what i want at the price i want it. Never settle on your first search check again use new key words and always check shops (if a seller has an item which is border line for you, check their other items and shops youll be suprised what youll find).


The best search words i have found to get good results for goth and rockabilly searches are Goth, Gothic (not the same thing, items with gothic in the title will not show up when you search "goth") Rockabilly, Phycobilly, Punk, Medievil, Cyber, Rave, Corset (Although you might not want this exact item it will let you into a world of fantastic goth shops, that might not have shown up otherwise).

Think by association things like Black, Leather, PVC and Fetish all are associated with things Goths and Punks but simply are listed by what they are not by what they are associated with. You want something imparticular search it! eg. (ladies clothing finder) Black, Shirt, Size 14 thats all you need ebay will show you everything that comes up within that and you might find exactly what your looking for! Just cause you think you are goth, punk or other wise does not mean you only need to stick to these words.


Now if you have found what you are looking for in a shop or other items, but you think its not your size or is the wrong colour take this into consideration.

A lot of the goth and associated items are MADE and DESIGNED by people who choose to sell on ebay so ask questions! To Find these things search things like "Custom" and  "DIY".

Ask if a seller can custom make or if they have another. Most of the fantastic items i have found on ebay are from me specifically telling a seller what i would like to see more of or what my specific needs are.

A seller would be silly not to go crazy over this as if they fulfill your needs they are almost garenteed a sale. (Of corse their are the few who after requesting very specific things do not buy them).

But if you are going to request custom makes or ideas be very specific and always decide on a price before the item is made. If it is different to what you requested in anyway like size, colour or design make sure you do double check with the seller as to what you requested before deciding not to buy. This is also a fantasic way to get more bigger sized items on ebay. For us bigger girls who are out of mainstream clothing sizes try getting things custom made you would be suprised how good the prices are and we can get exactly what we want in our size!!!


Now you want a shirt, black, chains, with sculls on it ever considered doing it youself? Maybe find a suitable top on ebay you get the item cheaper then in a shop and buy some simple lengths of chain or a couple of iron ons and Voila you have your very own custom designed shirt! You can even buy all these things on ebay!


This is for people listing items as well as buying them. You want someone to find exactly what they are looking for in your item? Then dont list as something it is not hoping that someone might see it and think otherwise this will only get people looking at your item opposed to bidding on it.

Do Your Research!!!

Got an Item maybe never worn it not sure what to list it under...why not search it on ebay. Type in the criteria of you item eg. Black, Size 14 Long Sleeve Top. (ladies clothing finder is excellent for this) also any key words like Beaded or polka dot. This will allow you to see all items fitting this catagory. The best way to list is to include key words like "goth", "gothic", "punk", "rockabilly" look at the key words that have been included in others titles and work off this. Doing this will get you maximum results as youll have people looking at you item as well as bidding because it fits the key words in the title not just has them there to get people to look and one thing i will put in on a personal note is always include the size of the item...ALWAYS. And the messurments never hurt either.

Remember for selling, reselling and buying dont forget to always look in shops and look internationally, if you can. Sometimes things are made and sold alot cheaper over seas and hence will pass the savings onto you.

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