~A Guide for Buying the Right Makeup & Beauty Products~

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Buying make up without being able to see it first would have to be sometimes impossible, as we like to see what were buying before purchasing, the easiest way to do this as i have learnt would be to go into your local department store and ask for a sample, of your foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras etc...

Doing this you can then write down the colors that best suit you, your skin tones, even suit the oils in your skin as some brands may give rashes to your skin or even irritations to your skin, once you have choosen the colors, and company name that you feel that best suits you e.g. Maybeline, Revlon etc... try to get some prices on these items that you have chosen, so you can compare and get a price when shopping in ebay.

You can also do the same with all your skin care products, and perfumes...

Once you have this information store it some where so when you do buy you make up, perfume or skin care of ebay you will be assured that its the right choice as you have sampled the colors already, and you will not be in for any suprises.

Also when buying its always best to ask the seller questions regarding the items that you will be buying, make sure you ask for the brand that there selling, as sometimes the picture may be a diffrent product into which the seller is selling, also be clear in which prodcuct and color you would like, so the seller can make sure its avaiable in stock before you bid and buy.

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Here is a recap:

  1. Get a sample of the makeup, perfume or skin care range that you would like to purchase from most department stores before you buy of ebay, if its for a friend or loved one, try the same options, maybe sneakly see there collcetion of perfumes or make up to make that perfect gift.
  2. Check out prices of these items so you can compare on ebay and get a better deal, making sure when bidding you include postage, it all adds up.
  3. Ask the seller questions about the product making sure its exactly what you are loking for.
  4. Ask if there is a return policy, in case its not what was described.
  5. Ask for registered post, its a safer way to insure that you will recieve you item, its costs and extra $2.50 for peice of mind, ask the seller to email you the registered number once its been sent, just in case you dont recieve it you can chase it up your self.
  6. Ask the seller to please pack the item in bubble wrap, as transit may be a bit ruff, and you dont want your item to arrive in peices.

Happy Shopping !!!



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