A Guide to Artificial Diamonds

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Artificial diamonds have an important place in today’s market. 
Following is a guide to the different types you may find on eBay.


These also are known as Laboratory, Lab-Created, Lab-Grown, 
Cultivated, Cultured or Man-Made Diamonds.

They are real diamonds created by artificial process, as opposed 
to natural diamonds, which are created by a geological process 
(high pressure and high temperatures beneath the Earth’s surface).

They can be made using different methods that emulate what occurs 
in nature but have the same material properties as real diamonds. 
Some even do contain actual diamond, combined with artificial material.

In fact, depending on the way they were manufactured, some synthetic 
diamonds have properties superior to those of naturally formed diamonds. 


Diamond simulants are man-made. The most common diamond simulants are
Cubic Zirconias (CZ) and Rhinestones.

They are, in simple terms, made from high-lead glass but to be considered
a diamond simulant, a material must contain certain ‘diamond-like’ 

Diamond Simulants have properties that closely resemble diamonds such as
hardness and dispersion (sparkle) but also have features that clearly 
differentiate them. These include durability, density, optics and colour. 

While diamond simulants often look genuine to the average person, a 
trained jeweller could easily identify a simulant purely by visual 

When choosing an artificial diamond, one of the major deciding factors is
of course, cost. But it could come down to how the item is intended to be 
worn or how the wearer feels about artificial vs man-made. 

It could be that a cubic zirconia pendant offers enough elegance and sparkle
to be perfect for wearing on special occasions. A synthetic or lab diamond,
although coming at a greater price, might make that perfect engagement ring
for couples conscious of finances but who still want a special piece of 
jewellery that will last a lifetime.

For others though, nothing compares to the romance of the ‘real thing’, 
even with a hefty price tag attached.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. There is a bounty of beautiful diamond 
substitutes on the market but what it really comes down to is what makes 
YOU feel beautiful when you are wearing it. 

If a diamond (real or not) gives you joy, confidence or evokes fond 
thoughts of the person who gave it to you, then regardless of the 
monetary value, there is no price that can ever be placed on it.

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