A Guide to Buying Cars on eBay, What you need to know!

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Buying a car on eBay by Connections7.

You can save alot of time and money by buying a car on ebay yet their are things you must look out for, I have personally purchased 2 cars of ebay so I know alot about this area of ebay research, research and more research are a must when buying a car on ebay, please take a few minutes out of your time to read this guide on buying a car on eBay,

Firstly their are positives and negatives of buying cars on ebay, Some positives are it will save alot of your time by purchasing a car on ebay, also you have a chance to save a quite a large amount of money on both the cars I have purchased I have saved over $3000 on the retail price. Some negatives are that you could be buying a car thats commonly known as a "lemon" this means the car is a bad buy their are ways to get around this but and I will explain how to sucessfuly not buy a "lemon". Also another negative is that the car might be some distance away from you, yet it may be worth paying 100 or 200 dollars for a air line ticket to in turn save a few thousand dollars.

Now I will explain a few tips on buying cars on ebay, some things to look out for before making your purchase and also what to do after the purchase.

1) The seller

Research the seller, basically look at the sellers feedback. If the seller has good feedback I in terms of good feedback classed as one or two negatives and the rest are positives.
If the seller has around 200 positives and something like 8 negatives then maby steer clear of them, also check out the comments people leave on neutral feedback, don't be scared to take some time and check over the users profile, as the purchase you are thinking of making is a big one.

2) The Description

Check out the information in the description, this is a big point in the ad read the description over a few times. Some people use large descriptions to trick people into bidding on a item and missing vital information, for example their could be a essay style description and right at the bottom their is a statement that states car has a massive scratch on the side!

3) Checking the Engine number and VIN number

Next step is to check the engine number and VIN number on revs website, IT IS A MUST TO CHECK THESE DETAILS as the car might have had accident history or might have money oweing on it or might even be stolen!

4)  Pictures of the car in the Auction

Looking over the pictures a few times is a must when buying car, pictures are a big point of the sale and a picture can tell a thousand words, look for things such as different colours paint on pannels on the car, pannels are different sections of the body eg. a door and a guard are 2 pannels on a car, if their is a colour difference the seller might have had a accident and had a respray done, if you suspect this then ask the seller about it. Also look for things such as oil marks on the ground near where the cars parked in the photo, this could mean the car has oil leaks which could be a problem in the future. Also look at the interior pictures if the interior is clean and in good condition this is a sign that the car has been looked after. Also look over the pics of the engine bay a stock engine bay is a good one, also a clean engine bay is good, if the engine bay is dirty and has greases all over it this is a sign the car has not been looked after very well.

5) Ask for extra information

Don't be afraid to ask for more information on the car ask if it has log books, and for more pictures and deffiantly ask how long they have owned the car? Often if the owner has owned the car for a long time eg 4 years this is a good sign if the owner has owned the car for 4 months this may be a bad sign, they may be trying to get rid of the car because it may have problems! If they are selling it and only had it for 4 months ask Why are you selling it so quickly? Also ask how the car runs? does it start every time does it run smoothley? and finally ask about car cancer aka RUST?

6) Check the car out in real life

This is a good thing to do before bidding, check over the car see if its in decent condition. look for any damage, look for signs of rust, look for re spray marks and finally take the car for a test drive. Also ask the NRMA to conduct a test on the car, yet this will set you back around $200.

7) Bidding on the car

This is the most nervous point of the whole process bidding on your car is another important step. You must make sure that you do no bid a stupid amount, eg check the cars private sale value on redbook also check the price on carsales, DO NOT BID EARLY, new ebay users always drag up the price early and this is a no no on ebay! Wait to the last few minutes of the auction and place a bid then if the price is GOOD, if it too high then what you feel the cars worth or its over the RRP don't bid, dont waste your money save it for another auction.

8) Picking up your purchase

Make sure you pay in bank check, as you have a reference to you purchase also make sure the seller has all documentation including log books and rego papers. It is also very wise to write a reciept of the transaction. In the reciept the seller should state how mant kilimoters on the car, engine number, vin number on the car and also the rego number the sellers name and the price of purchase and his signature and your signature is also a must, both signatures should be on the paper and both the seller and buyer should take a copy! Also when you get home with your new purchase you must first go to the revs website again revs and print off the cars information in the paid document format, you need these documents as a legal proof that the car has no money oweing on it or accident history. you must buy the document within 24 hours of purchase of you car.

Finally happy driving! Enjoy your purchase and take good care of your new automobile remember a car is the second largest investment in your life so please read over my guide before buying a few times.

I hope every one enjoyed this guide and in turn makes sucessfull purchases on ebay motors.

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