A Guide to Buying a Bird Cage

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We all want a great home for our birds, but when choosing a cage how many of us no exactly what we want. Heres a quick guide to buying a cage,

The must be wide, all birds need room to spread their wings so the cage should be at least double the width of the birds with its wings spread. The cage should be either a rectangle on its side l___l or a square  l_l .   Height is important it needs to be double the birds height

Pick a cage that is on a stand, no bird likes to be hanging from a rope under a carport, its too unpredictable, they need stability. 

Birds need privacy so pick a cage that you can put a Cover over the back half at all times (except with open top cages).

So before you buy a bird buy the cage, they buy your bird.

Also remember to supply your bird with natural perches, and leaves on twigs (browse) for destroying.

REMEMBER: These are all minimum requirements, your bird will prefer a bigger cage.  

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