A Guide to Domains and Hosting

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Domains and Hosting

Are you interested in owning a website? Do you have a company which is quite big and maybe needs a website? This guide is for you. Many people these days are deciding to channel their advertisement and sales throughout the web these days and this will tell you how to get your bulding blocks.

Things you need to consider

What is your site going to be? Will it be personal, business, national, government based etc? How many visitors do you expect to have on your website per day? If you are expecting quite a lot then you will need to buy a hosting package with lots of bandwidth to support all the extra customers. Are you planning to go e-commerce? If yes then you will need a secure server hosting package with a dedicated IP address so you can purchase and run an SSL certificate on it. Who's going to design your website? You may want to ask friends and family if they are good or even ask a company and shop around for a good price.

The Domain

Domains need to be attractive with a slight sense of humour for personal websites with maybe a catch phrase or something similar. If it is for business then it needs to include the business name although if that is too long then it needs to be shortened, for example: Larry & Bill's Productions could be shortened to lbproductions. Is your company a non profit orgranisation? This will determine the TLD you wish to purchase. If it's just a company then .com will be fine. For an orgranisation, .org and for a personal website you can choose but most of the time .name or .info.

The Hosting Package

Hosting Packages can range in costs where some can be expensive and some can be cheap. If you wish to e-commerce your website then you will need a Hosting Packed with SSL so that you can encrypt the data which is sent over the internet for your customers to be safe and secure.

Also consider how much data you are going to use, will it be a gaming site with videos and home made music where you will need lots of space to upload all the music, video and game files to your website? This all relates to how much space you are going to need on the server. Also, the more visitors you expect, the mosr bandwidth you will need.

Costs and where to buy

The costs incurred in building and maintaining a website can be very expensive although there are quite a few eBayer's around that are willing to sell cheap hosting packages with bundled domains for next to nothing. Just search in the hosting services catergory or domains and Im sure you will find heaps.

Happy bidding! :P


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