A Guide to Finding New (or Near New) Clothes on eBay

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In this guide, I will provide you with some useful tips on how to find new, or near new, clothes on eBay.

1. Tick ‘New’ under the Condition category
This will identify many new clothes on eBay. But it will not capture items where the condition is ‘Not Specified’ or where clothes have only been worn once or twice as these are generally listed as ‘Used’.

2. Type ‘new’ in the search box
The search results will show all clothes with new in the title. It will also include clothes that are ‘as new and ‘near new’. However, it will also show clothes with ‘new’ in their brand name, such as Forever New. To avoid having these items in your search results type ‘-forever’ in the search box.
TIP: Tick the ‘Include description’ box to find ‘new’ in item descriptions. Also tick this box for all of the suggested searches below.

3. Type 'NWT' in the search box
NWT or New With Tags includes all items still with their sales tag attached. eBay is smart enough to include items with ‘New With Tags’, even if you only type in ‘NWT. This search also lists items that are BNWT (brand new with tags).

4. Type 'NWOT' in the search box
This is similar to the search above except it searches for new items without their sales tag attached. This search also includes items that are BNWOT (brand new without tags).

5. Type 'RRP' in the search box
This will find clothes with RRP (recommended retail price) indicating that there is a good chance that the item is new or near new.

6. Type ‘worn’ in the search box
This will find clothes that include terms such as ‘only worn once’, ‘hardly worn’ and ‘never worn.

7. Type ‘retail price’ in the search box
Another way of tracking down new or near new clothes is to try this search.
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