A Homeowner’s Guide to Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Backyard landscaping is a relaxing and rewarding activity enjoyed by homeowners all over the world. When most people think of landscaping, they think of big budgets and hired contractors who do all the work. This is no longer the case, and more and more people are designing and undertaking their own projects.

This guide will detail some of the more popular backyard landscaping ideas, and explain how to find relevant items on eBay. The site has a large selection of landscaping accessories and tools for sale at much lower prices than those found in garden centres.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Before buyers begin thinking about what they want to do with their backyard, they should consider the following three points. Doing so will assist with the planning of what needs to be done and what items should be bought.

· The first and most obvious thing to consider is the size of the backyard. This will influence the following two points and sometime should be spent drawing up rough plans of what will be placed where. It is advised that buyers find the exact measurements of the backyard, and take note of things like where water collects when it rains.

· Buyers should consider how much money they are planning to spend on their landscaping project. This does not need to be divided into allocations for the various items, as this can be done later.

· It’s also important for buyers to plan out how long they want to spend on the project, and make a list of dates of when they want to have certain parts completed. The size of the garden and the actual work will define the time it takes to complete, so remember to be realistic when making a time frame. Buyers should work out how often they can work on the project, and for how many hours each time. This is important to do, as some elements may need to be completed in single sessions, e.g. laying a pebble path.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are the least expensive landscaping option, but are often the most visually pleasing. The large selection of plant and flower types available to buy means there is something for everyone, and the benefit of using this option is that it does not require a lot of effort for it to be successful.

· Buyers can choose between seeds and bulbs, or opt for plants and flowers that have already reached maturity. Buyers should research into exactly they want, and should become familiar with the plant’s needs in order for it to survive.

· Bulbs are perennial, which means they will survive longer than two years, whereas seeds can be annual, perennial and biennial. If the plant is said to be biennial then this means it grows every two years for two years.

· Group planting is a great way to create an attractive flower feature, and buyers can mix different types of flowers in the one group. Block grouping of the same flower will add to the neatness of the garden, and can also be used to create designs and images.

· Container plants can be dotted around the backyard, and the great thing about using these is that they can be easily moved to fit in with the rest of the yard.

Vegetable Patches

Vegetable patches are becoming more frequent in backyards, and adding one creates an attractive feature while also producing a consumable crop. The majority of vegetables are relatively easy to grow, but buyers should make sure that the vegetable patch is given its own space, separate to other flowers and plants. This will ensure that no plants are in competition for sunlight and nutrients, and it will minimise the potential of insects spreading. Popular vegetables grown in backyards today include tomatoes, peas and lettuce.

Patios and Decking

Buyers with larger backyards may be interested in laying down a patio or some decking, and doing so will give them a space that can be used for social gatherings and barbeques. Although one person can lay patios and decking, buyers planning on doing so in larger spaces may benefit from the help of another person. Common materials used to make patios include concrete slabs, bricks, flagstones and tiles.

Ornamental Water Features

Buyers that don’t have the room or money for a pool or pond can still benefit from the tranquillity of having an ornamental water feature in their backyard. Using such a feature will add an element of sound into the landscaping and this can be very relaxing to listen to in the evenings. Ceramic and stone fountains vary in price and size, but the large selection available to buy means there’s a fountain for every garden.

Walkways and Paths

The layout of a backyard tends to be much more informal than a front yard, but it’s important for buyers to have designated areas for different things. Creating paths and walkways between these areas will add to the overall neatness of the backyard.

Stepping-stones or individual slabs of concrete look great in areas of green, and are a good way to keep people off the plants. Buyers can also use pebbles to create walkways, but if doing so make sure to put some form of border along either side of the walkway. This will stop the pebbles from spilling out in wet or windy weather.

Privacy Options

There are plenty of landscaping ideas that can be used to add privacy to a backyard. Tall hedges can be planted around the property line, shrubs and trees can be mixed together to create thick natural looking clumps, and wooden fences are a nice alternative to brick walls. The price and level of effort required to incorporate these privacy options varies greatly, so remember this when making out the landscaping and budget plan.

Searching for Landscaping Items on eBay

eBay has a large selection of plants, flowers, tools and landscaping items for sale at much lower prices than those found in gardening centres. To find relevant items take the following steps:

·  Head to the eBay.com.au homepage and click on the Home & Garden heading.

·  Scroll down and click on the Gardening link located halfway down the Categories table.

·  Buyers should use the links in the Categories table to search for various landscaping items.

·  If looking for plants, flowers, seeds, bulbs then click on Plants, Seeds, Bulbs.

· If looking for containers for the plants then click on ‘Pots, Planters’.

·  Buyers searching for planting tools can search for these in Hand Tools, and also in Outdoor Power Tools.

·  Décor, Furnishing contains ornamental water features and other similar decorative items.

The eBay Deals section of the website contains a number of backyard accessories and tools for sale at prices lower than those found on the main site. To locate these sections first click on the eBay Deals link at the top of the page, followed by either the Backyard link in the Outdoor & Travel heading, or the Gardening link in the Tools heading.


Backyard landscaping is a worthwhile project, and can greatly benefit a homeowner. Successful landscaping can be used to create meditative areas for reflection and relaxation, or places for socialising and gathering friends and family.

The key to successful landscaping is planning out the area that will be worked on, the budget that can be spent and the amount of time that will be dedicated to the project. All homeowners are advised to search for their desired landscaping items on eBay as the site has a large selection of various plants, tools and features for sale at very low prices.

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