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here ill start a list for the poor  unexpecting buyers who are scammed by certain members of ebay.....
1./     blondee797_2009 ------bort a pair of diesel jeans to which after a week i still hadnt seen them,nor were they marked as sent..numerous messages left for her,still i was ignored till i reported her to ebay..then came all the excuses.1 I WAS SICK AND COULDNT GET TO MY EBAY..2.MY HUSBAND SENT THEM TO THE WRONG ADDRESS..thats when the abuse started and she wonders why ,BUT THEN USES ME AS A LAME EXCUSE ..,,since that date she has had another person who wasnt happy with her selling techniques SO BUYERS BEWARE,DONOT BUY ANYTHING FROM HER..
                                          AVOID AT ALL COSTS,,SHE SELLS RUBBISH,IS A LIAR,AND A FRAUD......NEALLY A MONTH SINCE I FIRST WON THE JEANS ,today being the 7/06/2011,i get a refund lol...shes a joke

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