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This is to help all the singles, couples, married, just married, women, men, professionals and students out there who need to buy may be their first or second (because the first one is broken or not useful) clothing iron or Electronic Iron or Steam Iron!!


A little history of electric iron

The electric iron was first invented in 1882 by a man named Henry W. Seeley, a New York inventor Seeley patented his "electric flat iron" on June 6, 1882 (patent no. 259,054). At that time, his iron weighed almost 15 pounds and took a long time to warm up. Other electric irons had also been invented, including one from France (1882), but it used a carbon arc to heat the iron, a method which was dangerous.

 Clothing iron must see features

  1. STEAM: Look out for variable steam control, which means you can adjust the amount of steam you want that fits the clothing’s tolerance for hit. Also, watch out for auto steam function, this means that you can set the iron to emit steam automatically, rather than having to keep pressing the steam button. This is good when ironing tough fabrics like denim.
  2. WATER SPRAY: This is very useful for directing a spray of water onto fabrics that are hard to iron, or that need to be damp to iron properly. Definitely check on a corner of your clothes before ironing the whole thing with damp water, some fabrics can’t take that, so it might either do harm to the fabric tension or water marks left on the cloth. Definitely pay attention to cloth such as silk or silky feel clothing. However, this works extremely well for linen fabric or clothing. I would even go further to say when you take it out of the washing machine, iron them, it’s much easier! Just be careful not to press this accidentally when ironing things like silky fabrics, because it will leave unsightly water marks on them!
  3. NON-STICK SOLEPLATE: This feature makes the iron’s bottom lovely and smooth so that it glides over your clothes. It doesn’t snag on fabrics whether you use it left or right handed, or whichever way you rotate the iron. It is good on all types of material, from silk to denim, providing you get the temperature setting right.
  4.  SHOT OF STEAM: I use this for when I only want short bursts of steam to iron out stubborn little creases. There is also a setting to vary the intensity of the steam, depending on how awkward the clothes are.
  5. SELF CLEAN FEATURE: The iron cleans itself, so no one has to bother, life is so much better! As long as you remember to empty any water remaining in the water tank, when you’ve finished ironing, there is nothing else to do.
  6. INDICATORS or TRANSPARENT WATER TANK: So that you know exactly where you are there is an easy to read water level indicator: The minimum and maximum levels are clearly marked and the tank holds 200ml – more than enough water to provide steam for my basket of ironing. The temperature control light when the iron has reached the desired temperature, and the temperature and steam controls are clearly visible and easy to use. If you live around the mountain areas and use bore water which has high concentration of calcium than normal water, it is better for you to buy a big bottle of sterilized water, which makes your iron lasts a lot longer! To make your iron longer lasting, make sure you don’t leave water inside your iron, this was an advice from my mother in law, don’t know why, but JUST DO IT!
  7. AUTO TURNOFF: if you are the kind of person that is very forgetful, like after you come out started driving and 1 hour later started thinking, did I turn off my oven or stove fire, this is god send to you!
  8. CORDLESS: if you are a fanatic about convenience, then checkout the cordless ones. These days there are a lot of marketing around cordless irons. Personally I haven’t tried them before but have heard that many of them had issues with hitting up an a optimal temperature to iron your clothes. My advice is, wait for this gimmick to develop for another year or so, it might then become a lot more effective product. You can find a whole lot of different cordless irons on.
  9. OTHER FEATURES: you should pay attention to the weight, length of cable, Watts power etc. Remember, the higher the watts, the more energy it consumed the more it cost your pocket!!!

eBay is great to purchase irons, first the variety is definitely there, also the price, you can always find a bargain steam iron!!

So here are some to compare and contrast:

Also, some of the favourite Australian Brand irons are:

  • Kenwood steam iron SS69
  • Belle steam iron

Have fun buying steam irons on eBay! all the best and happy iron!!!



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