A New Approach For Weight Loss - Callanetics

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Forget about the painful joints and back pains. Callanetics is an exercise program designed by Callan Pickney that modifies your figure, increases muscle strength, and helps you lose weight. In just two weeks you may improve your figure, and work on your hips, thighs, feet, and back muscles. Plus, Callanetics are a good way to release the stress and tension during the day and brings a better flexibility.

An hour of Callanetics is the equivalent of twenty hours of aerobics, according to studies. This is a safe workout for all ages, often used as recovery practice for athletes, skiers, soccer players, and gymnasts.

Callanetics is also called the "gentle sport" because it borrows yoga exercises, Pilates exercises, Tai Chi, and even ballet moves.

Here is a good exercise that may help you lose the extra fat on your thighs:

  • Stay in front of your office or another stable furniture and hold the edge. Raise you right foot laterally, as stretch and as high as you can, then leave your body weight on the support foot and focus your attention on the raised foot.
  • Strain your buttocks and turn your right foot so your knee reaches in front. Raise your right foot in front, without turning your body, as you would do for a regular stretching exercise.
  • Raise and move downwards your foot in front, back, and lateral. You may establish you own rhythm according to your heart beat and you may repeat this exercise for up to 100 times.

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