A New Coin Presentation and Certification System

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Overgrading remains one of the most serious and overwhelming problems for Ebay buyers of coins and banknotes. Of similar concern is coin cleaning and banknote reconditioning.

In response to some of these concerns, I have introduced a new coin presentation system that I believe will help to reduce grading bias and improve grading consistency in my own coins. From now on, most of my high-value coins will be thermally sealed inside a PVC-free plastic flip, along with a ticket on which the grade is stated. My logo will also be on the back of the ticket, thus opening my grading to scrutiny from both collectors and dealers.


The grading certificate is sealed with the coin.

Because I obviously trust my own grading standards, sealing my coins in with my own grading certifications means that I can now buy back graded and sealed coins from my customers, sight unseen. Effectively, my customers and I can trade my graded coins like shares or other homogenous commodities; this will increase the liquidity and saleability of every graded coin I sell, reduce transaction costs, and improve service overall.


The flips are attractive and will fit into any coin wallet or Lighthouse coin tray for 2x2s.

I therefore guarantee that I will buy back graded coins from customers at the grade that the coin was certified as, subject to inventory requirements. The coin must remain sealed in the holder.

On the whole, I believe that these sealed flips will improve the customer experience and improve the saleability—and resaleability—of graded coins overall.


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