A Piano Buying Guide. Professional help is here.

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All our copyrighted information previously displayed here * has been deleted on the grounds that feedback in relation to this guide, provided free gratis mind you ....  is not transparent nor accurate (i.e. it's open to abuse & not checked or vetted by professionals)
Any information you require kindly refer to the about me pages or contact us direct at Pianotech:
Pianotech_Australia@yahoo.com (& we're in the phone book)
Warning: it has come to our attention there is now another 'Pianotech' business operating from Victoria & Western Australia.
Congratulations ASIC, you've just destroyed 25 years of empire building including our goodwill !
Pianotech has been registered & trading as such for over 25 years, & in no way has any ties with this pretender to the throne.

- thanking you, and all the very best to our many thousands of clients we've had the privilege of helping over the decades.

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