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Def. Getting possession and ownership of an item at below cost price


Where do these bargains come from?

OK! Say you need to move house and have to get rid of a lot of your stuff. BUT! You believe there is either some value in the item or that somebody may benefit from gaining the item, so you don’t want to just dump it in the bin!


What do you do?

You just don’t have the time to wait for long auctions to end and the hassles of whether the buyer will pick it up in time before you move. You don’t even have the time to ask for a reasonable price for the item – you just need it gone ASAP!

So you list a short auction at the lowest price and don’t care how much it sells for.


How do we get these items?!!!


Step One

Go to the “Buy” section on eBay and click "Search"

Step Two

In “search options” on the left hand side

Just below “worldwide”, the second section in search options.

Type in your post code in the box next to “kilometers of”

Do not use your PO Box post code, use your actual address post code

Step Three

Choose your distance

If you are in the suburbs or the city, you should find many bargains within 10 Kilometers of your post code.

Or for an even wider range of bargains try within 25 Kilometers of your post code

Really, it’s how far are you willing to go to get a bargain!

Step Four

On the right hand side, select sorting options “sort by”

With “price + postage – lowest first”


Tips to help get that bargain

If you find something you are really interested in and want it now, just use the “Ask seller a question” function and politely ask any options for getting the item ASAP. They may offer a buy it now price, or if they truly do not want the item they will just get you to go pick it up.

If you find something that you are sure will sell for over your limit, just watch the item in ‘My eBay’ and if the price has not gone up near time of auction end, place your bid!

True bargains are “Pick up only” as you do not pay for any shipping and handling charges

To scare off other interested buyers, place a very early bid (even if it’s just one dollar) on the item – other bargain hunters may only want to pay one dollar and seeing as you’ve already got that bid, they may just forget about it and leave it to you.

If there is already one bid on the item – remember the above and think they may just be trying to scare off potential buyers - so place a very low bid. If you are the highest bidder at a very low price you could then scare off other buyers thinking you’ve placed a high bid as you’ve already out bidden a potential buyer.

Remember, some major sellers will be in your local area, who start bidding at a really low price – these items will usually sell at regular/retail price. So unless it’s finishing in >1hour with no bids, you’re not likely to get a true bargain!


Tips for rural bargain hunters

If there are no bargains in your local area, try having a look at family and friends post codes. They could pick the item up for you; the seller would likely need the item picked up ASAP.



Now, remember where these bargains came from!

The majority of what you will see are true unwanted goods

Basically free to good home!

Go for your life!

Bid, buy now, contact member!


I hope you find some great bargains!

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