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.We have over the passed few years lost count of the number of new mums and dads that phone us to ask "which pump should I get" and will it work?  This is funnily enough a very emotional issue for the new mum.   Fortunately there are some simple questions to ask to help you decide on which pump is best for you in your situation. 

Question 1 -  have you got a premmie or a special needs bub?
If the answer to this is yes, you probably will be playing hospital hop scotch -  your emotions are running high and you need help in the milk department.   You can hire a pump - which generally the best are the Medela Lactina or the Medela Symphony  - The Medela Lactina which has been in hospitals for years (it is a big blue machine) which is a double pumper -  or the newer model Medella Symphony - which is the latest model and has a special two speed action to emulate the let down effect of the sucking by the baby.  Certainly the Symphony is the better way to go if you are going to the expense of hiring.  Both these models are double pumps and allow both single and double pumping.    Hiring a pump can work out to be very expensive!  A better option would be to purchase a pump - and a little know secret is that the Medela Symphony pump which is made for the hospitals is the same motor and essentially the same pump as the Medela Pump In Style - plus this comes in a nifty backpack and ice containers to help.  To look at this one further you can check out the Medela Pump In Style description by clicking on  medela pump search

Quite a few mums find that it is worth paying for this type of set and then later selling it on ebay.     Another option for the mum of the premmie is the electric Avent Pump that has just been released.  This has had incredibly good reviews all over the world. There is currently a bit of a wait on these and they are all due in Australia around the second week of June.
Find out more about the Avent Electronic Pump by going to avent isis uno electronic.

Question 2 - are you only going to use this pump occasionally?
If you are only going to require a pump to express milk for when you are out or on a special event then you really only need to look at a manual pump - we recommend either the Avent Isis - which is a very comforable and easy pump or the equivalent would be a Chicco Pump.  The Avent Isis generally comes with two small bottles that you can screw onto the pump and milk collects straight into this unit.  Find out more about the Avent Isis by clicking on this link avent isis breast pump

Question 3 - are you going to be returning to work?

If you are going to return to work you will need a serious pump for some serious pumping!   You will also need something a little discreet so you can take it to work and slip away and pump at the time you need to relieve the pressure.  We recommend two alternatives -  these are the Medela Pump In Style which can be found described by clicking here Medela Pump In Style  or the Avent Electronic by clicking here avent electronic   - The advantage with the Avent model is that is comes with a battery pack so it is portable and you can go to a nice quiet place and pump away.  It also comes with a car adaptor. 


Beware - some units are designed for pumping one or at the most twice a day - these are the Pidgeon, Lindam and Medela Mini range.  They have been designed for the occasional use market.    If you overuse a small motor it will loose suction and not help your milk expression - remember don't expect a mini to two a major truck!!!
Good  luck and happy pumping

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