A Seller's Guide to the Postage Process

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No one likes keeping records, but Lindy's Goodies have found this to be the easiest method of tracking your post ... and essential to the success of your eBay business.

Although it might seem a simple stage in the process of completing a transaction, there are a few steps which can save an eBay seller lots of frustration when it comes to postage.

Initially, when our eBay business only involved sending out a few items daily, we kept a record in an exercise book, with columns headed:

Date, Name and Item #

In these 3 columns we simply wrote, the date of postage, the name of the receiver, and the last 4 digits of the item numbers included in that postage.  If the item was registerered, we'd peel off the sticker and add that there, or if Express, we'd include that sticker.

This way, when a customer would ask 2 weeks after they'd paid, about the date of postage, we'd have an easy reference to turn to.

Later as business picked up, we then started using a diary, with a day per page, however, that has since been updated to a 'Word' document allowing us unlimited entries per page.

Each day, we take the page, (or diary in the past) to the post office with the mail. The postal clerk would stamp our page, confirming the number of items posted that day.

Each day, we then staple the Australia Post Registered items page, together with the receipt (gr8 at tax time) to the daily record sheet and file in a lever arch file. 

If there's ever a need to search for a particular customer, having entered the details daily in a 'Word' document, we can 'search' that customer's name and quickly find the date  their item was posted.

This has worked very successfully for Lindy's Goodies and would work just as well for any eBay trader.

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This Guide has been written with the best of intentions for those who avail themselves of our information. It is not intended to offer ALL available situations/options/responses etc. but we feel it's a 'good beginning'.

Take care and have fun eBaying. Oh! If you think this Guide may be of interest to someone else you know, please ask them to have a read and perhaps show us what you think, by reviewing it for us?

Many thanks,

Lindy's Goodies



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