A Simple Easy General Guide to Growing Bromeliads

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Keep plants AWAY from direct full sun , of hours between 10 am to 3 pm and they will always look their best, unless stated differently on their tags. We recommend dappled or filtered sun. Keep water in centre wells at all times. Pot into good open free draining potting mix , soil or pine bark. No need to use fertiliser but if you wish use at 1/2 strength. Will grow temporary indoors with good ventilation  eg:  near an open window,  but will eventually lose color and vigor and should be returned outside.  Ideal way is to have a few and rotate every week to indoor then outdoor. Protect from direct Frost. Never use White Oil and always keep away from treated timbers and copper as this will be a sure death.

These are very versatile and rewarding plants. If you follow the basic guides you cannot go wrong.

I hope you Enjoy them as much as we do.

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