A Smart Guide - Avoid Buying From Oversea Sellers

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First thing's first - please acknowledge I am not being biased to a certain point of view or any countries as I AM an Australian-born Chinese
so I don't have any reasons to go against my race or whatsoever. ANYWAY -

As most of us know - technological, fashion and collectible goods are manufactured mainly outside of Australia,
this is because Australia focuses on agricultural products as we have plenty in resource...
the expectations of many consumers from Australia think it's a cheaper way to buy from oversea sellers but had missed out of the important factors when purchasing.

On eBay, in these recent years, many sellers from around the world had researched drastically to expand their sales
and many countries, such as Hong Kong, had played a major role in eBay Australia's market.

The many reasons behind this idea is because our obvious lack in trend and the lack of availability.
Things you (as a buyer) should already acknowledged/observed:

1. The increase in Hong Kong listings on Australia's eBay website
- Australia has been targeted and pressured by foreign countries which lessens the chance of Australian goods to be sold.
And if Australia eBay'ers increase their preference over foreign sellers, it will stress the flowing funds of our economy.

2. Committed to buy from Oversea Sellers
- if cheaper goods are what you are after, than there shouldn't be a reason in buying from oversea sellers because
the postage cost will be equivalent to the total price to the items you can buy in Australia
you are buying something small or light-weighted, then it won't cost the sellers much for shipping.
At times, the arrival of the item may take several weeks or may even be mailed to a wrong address.

3. The Availability in Products
- oversea sellers provide a very wide range of products which we lack in Australia so that may affect our preference
BUT buying something we don't know of or have information on, sometimes we may be a victim in the situation as
oversea sellers have very poor communication and may tell you different things compared to the description. Ultimately,
at the end you're not able to leave them a negative feedback because you have received the item as 'described'.

4. Avoid as much as you can
- fashion is seriously something Australia lacks AND needs
Branded clothing from retail shops sell over the price that's why many people turn to eBay.
Yes, indeed it's a great place to look around as for example, a $300AUD RRP Levi's jean may only
cost $120 on eBay. But Buyers MUST be aware of the authenticity of the item because nowadays, many
PowerSellers obtain their products overseas in order to gain the trust of Australian eBay'ers.

5. Catching a big fish
- the products maybe made to look the same and feel the same and most of the time, the buyer may have difficulties distinguishing the authenticity.
So if you really think you caught a big fish... THINK AGAIN unless you're really sure of every aspect on the item or that the seller is
known to obtain his/her items FROM Australia.

6. Australia LACKS, but just weak
- people tend to seek on items from foreign sellers on eBay because they THINK Australia has none on that particular item
BUT interestingly enough, Australia does have the item and people do sell them (just that not as much)
So take your time, save and search on that particular item now and then and it will eventually pop up with a lower price compared
if you are thinking of buying from foreign sellers - to save money and feel more secured.

Take me as an example,
I've been waiting for a set of speakers to drop its price from $500AUD to reasonably at least $400AUD on eBay but it seems like it'd never come.
Then after two or three weeks, an Australian eBay'er listed his set of speakers in brand new condition for only $140AUD including postage.
So that's what I call a big fish!

If anyone have any questions or interested after reading the guide, please contact me as I will be much appreciated!
And if there is a particular issue or guide you would want to have further understanding to, I may consider writing one just for YOU.
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