A brief guide on sisal and straw found in Fashion Hats

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Sisal/ Straw Hats

A brief guide to introduce to you this material in hat making. This guide is intended for those interested int he art of millinery from a beginners point of veiw or for those simply interested in aspects of fashion.

Sisal is available in such a diverse range of colours and styles. The base price of a hood or capeline can vary in price from $20 up to and beyond $200, that's before your milliner or hat maker even starts to make your hat.

This material is a available in a large variety of grades. I prefer to use Pari-sisal or a fine Pari-buntal. Straw is an absolute pleasure to work with.

The colour range is exhausting, as these are the easiest of all to dye if you obtain a neutral base colour.

The styles that straw / sisal can be made into can vary from your very basic garden hat to your finest race wear.

These are also reasonable for sun protect, just remember that the tighter the weave the less the UV rays can penetrate (always wear a UV filtering skin cream). They're perfect for keeping your head and upper body cool in summer, the straw allows the air to circulate around your head.

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