A brief guide when buying a Fish Tank

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Okay, you are here for one of two reasons:

a.) You'd like to know some recommendations on buying a fish tank.

b.) It's 2AM, you're bored out of your mind, and looking to pass the time while you wait for your coffee to wear off.

Either way, read on! This guide is meant more for buying a fish tank from an aquarium rather than eBay.

-The Boring Stuff-

Okay, just to make things clear. Fill out this little checklist:

a.) Do I have a space for a fish tank? Yes/No

b.) Is it worth the money it will cost? (Bear in mind, fish tanks have a habit of getting expensive after purchase) Yes/No

c.) Will I be able to feed my fish, turn on the light at one time, then be home to turn the light off, feed them again, 9 hours later? Yes/No

d.) Do I have the time to clean out the fish tank (A 1 hour job roughly, every 2-4 weeks)? Yes/No

That's just a rough guide, but if you ticked "No" somewhere, you might want to reconsider it. When I first went to buy my fishtank, I expected to pick up the tank, a filter and gravel, plus fish. I couldn't have been more wrong. I went to the checkout, armed with my gear, only to find out that I needed additionally: Light Cover, Light Bulb, Plants (recommended), neutraliser, gravel cleaner (recommended), thermometer+heater. That was my first taste of how expensive it gets, very quickly. The second thing is that once you buy all this, you shouldn't put the fish in for roughly 7 days. Fill it with water, put in the gravel, and let the filter run for the full 7 days, to pick out as much gunk as possible. So that meant I didn't have my pretty fish for a long, boring week. People searching for immediate gratification, give up now!

On top of this, after the feeling of joy wore down after purchasing my fish (There is a limit to how many fish per tank, ask the salesman on this), I began to realise my tank was quite sparse, and thus, required an ornament. (Original Price before reaching Checkout: $219. Price after Checkout: $390. Ornament: $50. (Filter changes every month are required, they cost little, but continue to add to the price). On top of this, realise that dearest pet Nemo, doesn't have the best life span, and is prone to dying for no reason. Gloves for the weak minded (And quick burials for those with children!) are recommended.

Basically, what you should get from this is:

a.) Fish tanks are actually a time-consuming, financially-consuming process.

b.) You can't stock your fish tank full of hundreds of fish.

c.) You'll have to wait a while after buying a tank, before you can buy fish.

d.) Don't get too attatched to your pet fish.

 This was only meant to be a brief guide, for furthur questions, ask an aquarium salesperson, or contact me, my eBay ID is: steveyo81,

Hope this helped!


-Stephen Dunn-

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