A couple of tips for spotting fake Burberry

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I've been watching a few auctions claiming to sell 'Authentic' Burberry.  I was a little suspicious of a few items I saw, so did a little research.

Firstly, if the item says "Burberry's", it's fake.  It's "Burberry", not "Burberry's".  Even if they claim "It's vintage they labeled them differently back then...".  Not true.  Its fake.

Check the clothing closely.  Request photo's of the tags & clothing label.  The text on the tag and the clothing label should match.  The particular items I was looking at were lovely looking trench coats, but I was suspicious of the authenticity, so I sent the photo's to Burberry in Sydney, who confirmed they were counterfeit.  One very obvious sign was the fact that the font used on the clothing label was different from the font on the tag.  Burberry would never allow clothing to be labeled and tagged with mismatched tags.

Hope these couple of tips help prevent you from being swindled into paying big $$ for knock-offs from china!

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