A few tips for buying DVDs on eBay

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A few tips for buying DVDs on eBay:

With so many DVDs on offer on eBay, how do you know what is the best one to buy? Read this guide for some useful 'know-how' from a seller with five years experience.

The price of an average DVD has steadily decreased over the years from around $AU40 per DVD when they were first released, to the rock bottom prices found on eBay. On the eBay website you are sure to find a great deal for your DVD collection or as a gifts. It is now very easy to purchase many popular, new DVDs for under $20 a piece and in my store, even lower! In my eBay store I aim to have the lowest price possible so that I can pass on the excellent prices to my customers.

Tip: instead of purchasing movies when they first come to DVD, wait a little and the price will drop dramatically. Some DVDs, within a year of release can go from $30+ to $15!


DVDs as gifts:
DVDs make excellent gifts! You will find that the majority of households these days have a DVD player, so no worries there. If you are not sure exactly which DVD to purchase for somebody, you can be reassured that all of the DVDs in my eBay store are excellent viewing, with the majority winning coveted awards like Oscars or Emmys. Of course, your friends and relatives do not want to receive second hand rubbish as gifts, so make sure that the gift DVDs you buy are brand new and preferably sealed. All my DVDs in my eBay shop and brand new and sealed. They are also genuine and guaranteed not to be faulty.

Tip: Classics never fail! Purchasing popular classic movies of a particular genre, according to the person, is the best way to choose movies when you don’t have a particular title in mind. That way, you can be certain the receiver will watch it again and again!


Grow your collection:
eBay is the perfect place to grow your own home entertainment collection. Not only do you have the biggest variety of DVDs for purchase at your fingertips, but these are listed at competitive prices, which generally are lower than retail stores. Many sellers, like me, offer postage and handling discounts for multiple purchases. With the amount of DVDs I sell, it is easy to find more than just the one DVD to your liking, and also at a price to your liking.

Tip: When searching particular titles for your collection, use the ‘advanced search’ option in the eBay search and click ‘completed listings only.’  This way you can see the current market prices on eBay and make the decision on your price more informed.
Also, you can add a particular listing search to ‘my favourite searches’ so you can track the price of your wanted DVD and purchase it at the best price.


Preventing dissatisfaction:
After selling DVDs since 2002, I have bucket-loads of experience on preventing dissatisfaction when purchasing a DVD:

  • Ensure the DVD you buy is the right region for your DVD player. All DVDs in my eBay shop are region 4 and will play in multi-region DVD players, all DVD players bought in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Oceania, and South America (except French Guiana) and on PCs that have a DVD drive and the correct software.
  • For more info on regioning go to the wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_region_code
  • If you are unsure of the region coding of your DVD player, look in your player's user manual.
  • It is possible with some players to change the region code from the inital region to region 4. This can be done by pressing a combination of buttons on your DVD player remote. Consult your player manual or Google for specific instructions.
  • It is also possible with some region specific players to make them multiregion. A Google search for 'remove region from dvd' and your player model is a good place to start.
  • Send items via registered post or express post within Australia. This way you are protected if your DVD becomes lost in the post. Once a DVD has been posted, it is out of my hands and Australia Post’s responsibility not to loose or damage it. I ensure my DVDs are well protected when posted with bubble wrap and sticky tape.
  • Christmas is a horrible time for posting so get in early and get it registered or go express! Express post guarantees the fastest delivery and only costs a fraction more.
  • Read the listing, not just the title. I know it sounds stupid but it may save you embarrassment later on.

So after reading my advice, I hope that you are all positively enlightened. Enjoy your day and happy eBaying!!

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