A guide to buying cookbooks

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Cookbooks are desirable for many reasons beyond their most obvious practical use, they can be educational and when really well written may be as engaging as a work of fiction. At any time eBay Australia has over 4000 active auctions for cookbooks, this guide should help buyers find a bargain

To choose which book to buy - do your research, try to find you which authors suit your style and which publishers produce good quality books, to do this it is best to read reviews and food blogs. You could also test drive some books by reading Delicious Magazine which features recipes from a variety of contemporary chefs. If you're looking for an introduction to a type of cooking, try Womens Weekly or Family Circle book, they are cheap and written for Australian kitchens.

Get to know the price of items you might be interested in, always shop around especially for recently published titles where some titles may heavily discounted at large chain stores. Always use watch this item to find out how much the book you want typically sells for. Always factor the cost of postage into the eBay price. If you don't use PayPal of electronic banking, you'll also need to factor in the cost of a money order.  Additional costs add up, and can make an item as expensive as something you could buy in a store.

When you know you can get a good deal, bid, but don't bid more than you know the item is worth. Read the item description well to make sure you know what you are buying. If you are planning to buy more than one book, check to see if the seller has other titles that you may be interested in, by combining postage you will save money.

Keep you eyes open for hardcover cookbooks since they last longer, titles that aren't widely available in hardcover currently like some of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson's books, can often by found on eBay for softcover prices.
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