A guide to finding authentic Peter Lang Jewellery

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Peter Lang has been a innovative designer of costume jewellery for years, but now has been discovered by many lovers of Alannah Hill as the line is stocked through her boutiques as well.
But how to look for the genuine Peter Lang jewellery amongst the lesser quality wannabes? Here's the low down on what to look for....

Peter Lang designs....

  • All pieces of jewellery are stamped with the legend "LANG"
    It may sound like a simple thing to look for, but all of his designs are marked. From earrings, to necklaces...the backs of the solid pieces are marked. Ask the seller for a picture.

    The earrings on the left have LANG stamped into the base of the solder. (red arrow)
    The pendant has LANG stamped into the back. It's extremely hard to photo, unless it's well lit. These pictures were scanned in to see the details.
  • Bracelets and necklaces always have the small rectangular tag with LANG engraved in it.
    If the photo isn't a high enough resolution to see the word on it, a tell-tale sign to look for in authentic Peter Lang necklace is the mini chain that is attached just off the main lobster clasp that has the LANG tag on the end. As seen in the picture of the Peter Lang pendant above.

    This bracelet has the little square LANG tag on the jump ring.
  • Peter Lang jewellery is of good quality.
    Therefore the pieces are usually substantial and quite bold. They never look like the other mass manufactured jewellery . Most stones are of good size and are quite often unusual in shape. The designs are also detailed. As with the pendant above, the design continued into the chain also to create a whole look,
  • Authentic Peter Lang comes with a guarantee card.
    Along with the little satin pouch, a Peter Lang card is included as a guarantee against flaws in manufacture. But don't be too harsh if your seller can't find it, I've misplaced mine.
  • Jewellery is released in collections.
    There is always a theme to each season depending on the trends.
    As you can see by my collection, he's gone through the vintage enamel look, silver & lapis look of tribal indians through to this season's glamour goth jet black jewellery.
    Look through the stores for an idea on what is released, bracelets / necklaces & earrings are usually designed to match, so you can learn to recognise the real deal if they look similar to a piece you see in the store.

Keep in mind that authentic Peter Lang retails for around $100 for a simple pair of earrings and can range right up to the hundreds for necklaces and bracelets depending on the amount of beads and detailing. So you may be getting a downright bargain, or exactly what you pay for....

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