A handy guide to shipping, couriers, freight Australia

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A handy guide to shipping, couriers, and freight within Australia

There are thousands of courier and transport companies in Australia, As an ebay buyer or seller how do you decide the best courier company to select?

Some handy things to look out for:

Volumetric weight - Freight and transport companies will always charge you for what ever is greater the volumetic weight or the actual weight. why? well take this example imagine in you were an ebay seller for cotton wool your actual weight would be minimal however the space you would take up would be large.

Redelivery Fees: Make sure you read the fine print for couriers especially when your sending to a residential delivery location. Sometimes you can be charged more in redelivery than for the actual shipping charge.

Dont guess your weights: Most well known courier companies check the weight and will rebill you if your weights are incorrect

Declare all dangerous goods upfront: Dont ever take the risk of not declaring dangerous goods. It is important for everybodies safety as some goods are flown in passenger aircrafts or transported through tunnels where the operator needs to know what is on board.

Be careful not to send your Christmas gifts that day too late! Especially as the NOV DEC period the industry volume peaks.

Calculating courier prices and costs: Couriers and transport companies structure rate cards differently

Each will have different minimums , different zones, some will have flat rates up to a certain point,
others will have additional surcharges such as fuel, security and sometimes an account management fee. Many courier companies will provide a discount based on a minimun monthly spend.

Insurance - Be very clear to understand if your carrier provides insurance for damage or loss

Always shop around as courier prices can vary dramatically, To help simplify and present Australians with a choice there are freight calculators available with a service similar to webjet however for freight and courier services. Booking is online

As a tip you can always utilise a " Freight Broker "  simply type freight broker or Freight Broker Logistics to obtain a cheaper rate.

Once off senders and shippers can still utilise the services of a broker, even for a small carton! Most freight brokers have access to multiple leading freight companies and can give you access to discounted rates.








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