A note on buying music software on ebay

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I've noticed that there are a lot of listings for cheap musical software.  I've checked out a few of them, and some are actually a open source software (free software).  As far as I'm aware, it's perfectly legal to sell this, and perfectly ok if customers wish to purchase it.  But the reason I'm writing this is, because freeware, or open source software is actually available to anyone at no charge from the internet (donations to the developers however are welcomed) Open source software can be used, distributed and altered by anybody. 

So, before you go buying any software, music or otherwise on ebay, check out the titles and google them.  They may actually be open source and available to everybody to download (and alter if you know how to program)

Check the listing to see if the titles are licensed under GPL or GNU (general public license)  They are open source and available to anyone to use and redistribute.

Finally, here's a few examples of software that is open source. 

Audacity (Audio editor)
Hydrogen (MIDI Drum Machine)
Lame (MP3 Endcoder)

For more info visit www.gnu.org
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