A robust earthenware teapot is the ideal teapot.

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Do you like a good cup of tea?

What kind of teapot makes the best brew?

Teapots can be found to be made of many different materials; bone china, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, glass, cast iron, steel, tin, copper, brass, and aluminium. At different times each found popularity for reasons depending on their strength, serviceability, cheapness of manufacture, or their novelty. A railway cafe seemed to always have the thin metal teapots probably because they didn't break when dropped. Perhaps the more traditional choice of fine ceramics, like bone china, often with delicate decoration, has become a standard because of its refinement compared to a plain earthenware pot.

The higher qualities given to pottery are related to fashion, art, and marketing. These qualities have little to do with the operation of a teapot. People would mostly choose a teapot based on the values they see in its decoration, its appearance, its name, and its price. I see a teapot as an instrument to brew a drink, a tea infuser to make a liquor, and this is best achieved with a pot that keeps heat longer.

With a well insulated pot, the brewing continues for a good time, giving more body and flavour, and is still able to give a hot cup when poured. A fine quality, thin walled teapot, and any of the glass and metal teapots, lose heat rapidly, and have no capacity to improve the brew. An earthenware teapot which naturally has a porous clay is a wonderful insulator and has the capacity to enhance the brew. Rather than the teapot finely, thinly, lightly, delicately, made, a robust earthenware teapot made to be a good insulator, is the ideal teapot.

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Handmade Earthenware Teapot
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