A silver eagle that will Double in 8 months

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A silver eagle that will Double in 8 months.

I bet everone would like to know that.

WE have spent a lot of time looking at all the silver eagles


THERE are more collectors that collect silver eagles than any other U.S.Coin.

About 3,000,000 collectors have sets of Silver Eagles.

Last Year the mint made and sold a 2006-W Silver Eagle.

I want you to look  very closely at the Mintage of the 2006-W

You will see that the Mintage is about 300,000 coins total,Now that means that there is ONE coin (2006-W) for every 10 collectors of Silver Eagles.

When Dansco comes out with a new album with a hole for the 2006-W Silver Eagle,Every Collector of Silver Eagles will need that coin (2006-W) Silver Eagle for their Sets.

I think that I am wrong,THIS Coin 2006-W  will more than Double in value.

THE 2006-W Silver was Issued at 19.95 Each,I know it was a great deal, But I only got 50 coins.

I had plans to but a lot more .When I went to the U.S. Mint site to buy some in Dec. THEY were GONE,NO more for sale.

I have a few on my WEBSITE .WWW.FASTCOIN.com, But they will not last long.

BUY 2006-W Silver Eagles where you can find them.

THEY will be worth a lot more than they are now,

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