A tip for writing to Paypal, Ebay or writing a Guide

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Have you ever had the frustration of having to write a long email to Paypal or something similar only to find when you have finished & are ready to send it that you have been timed out & have to start again?   If you are already upset because of a serious problem - or something usual & you had to decide what categories it was under - that's all you need to happen!   I have an easy answer.   Before you start, - you don't have to even be connected to the web - open a Notepad document & slowly write down everything you want to say about the problem.   Then when you're ready to send your email off, follow the prompts in the site to where you have to explain the matter;  quickly copy & paste from your Notepad document and send it off.   As an added bonus, start a folder named Problems or whatever you want;  save the Notepad document & you have a permanent record of what you said.   (If need be you can attach this saved document to an email or print it off & post if the matter ever needs to go further than your original complaint.)

If you want to write a guide, or have a large description of an item you wish to auction, do the same thing.   Write it as a Notepad document, copy & paste as needed.   Great when you want to start several items off at a similar time.   What if you're a poor speller?   One answer is to write in  Word, check & correct spelling as needed;  then copy & paste onto a Notepad document.   Why?   Sometimes it is impossible to copy & paste a Word document onto somethings else, like this guide for example.   You can copy & paste a Notepad document onto almost anything else.   Notepad is also the ideal program to write anything in that contains html.  It does not change html.  Most other programs, including Word have complicated html coding of their own that tends to mix with whatever gets written with them;  which is why you can't always paste from them.   I hope this saves you a few frustrations.

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