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Over the past few years as I have been studying cancer I have put together an A to Z Guide to help people recall important things to help them stay healthy, and ultimately, cancer free. Memorize the letters so that you can know and understand how to take control of your own health. Happy reading, and may everyone learn something to help them in their quest towards good health, now and always.


Many things are put into foods nowadays that are simply flavour enhancers, but detrimental to our health. The manufacturers are in the business of making money and want to sell their products. But interestingly enough, some European countries have banned certain food additives that are still legal in Australia. Why? Because they are known to have links to disease and illnesses. You can buy booklets that state all food additives. Become aware of what is in your food. Too many additives puts a strain on an otherwise healthy body. So if you are already sick, stay away from additives to give your body a chance to fight off infection.


Bitterness CAN contribute to your sickness. Not only bitterness, but selfishness and unforgiveness are also closely related to our health. We need to deal with these issues if we wish to remain in a healthy state. It is such a simple thing, and we control over it, if we choose to swallow our pride occasionally. There's only one way to find out - try it and see what a difference it makes. You will be surprised at the results.


We need to re-educate ourselves to learn how to live without chemicals. There are alternatives for everything you need. Read magazines, start a file and list the alternatives you think you could use, and when you absolutely have to use a chemical based cleaner at home, at least wear rubber gloves. You don't want the chemicals to absorb into your skin. 


Anti-perspirants are the worst kind of deodorants. Why? Because they stop you from sweating. The toxins return inside the body, unable to escape. Continued use of anti-perspirants could promote cancerous growths. But what do we use? Anything without aluminium!! And by the way, that wipes out just about everything in any supermarket.As well as contributing towards cancer, aluminium is a known cause of Alzheimer's disease. There are crystals available from health food stores, and various other non-aluminium deodorants, but the best way to stay stink-free is to use a soap and washer whenever you feel sticky.


There is much to say about essential fatty aicds, but basically, essential fatty acids are needed to help build strong, healthy cell walls, and to keep the organs and joints functioning well.


Have you ever noticed how drained and lethargic you feel after a couple of hours at the mall? This is primarily due to the intense raditaion build up from the fluorescent lights. When we have to deal with too many fluorescent lights, our immune system slowly becomes run down and sooner or later health problems will arise. If at all possible, choose alternative light sources.


Garlic is multi-purpose, and is one of the most powerful things we can take internally during times of sickness. It can be used for thinning blood and it helps lower cholesterol. It also contains anti-bacterial porperties when taken in a raw state.Just chew the garlic as well as possible to help it readily absorb. The unique properties found in garlic are thought to stop cancer cells from reproducing themselves.


Research has been withheld from the public concerning high voltage power lines. Stay away from power boxes and wires. They are unsafe. Different kinds of voltage boxes transmit different electromagnetic fields, and without measuring the radiation levels (most of us don't have a radiation meter) it is impossible to know the exact effect of the radiation.Just be smart. Don't buy a house near a voltage box, whether on the ground or up in the air.


The Japanese have one of the lowest incidences of all types of cancer in the world, and they consume on average three times more iodine than the average person, usually in the form of seaweed. Iodine plays a very important part in maintaining healthy tissue function. Many diseases can be overcome by just hgaving an adequate intake of iodine. The body requires two to three milligrams per day to fuinction properly and help cells return back to their normal state.


If you find the best mix of foods for your body, you are doing yourself a big favour. Different people can handle different things. If I have cow's milk I know I get a stomach ache. When your body reacts to a food it proves that your body isn't doing it's job properly. Try eating your starches and proteins an hour apart, especially if you are already sick. Starches and proteins cannot be digested simultaneously.


Think about it. A raidation device being held up against your ear for periods of time each day. I don't think so. But each man to himself. Isn't it coincidental that the incidence of brain tumours has risen in the past ten years? Our current life style and the chopices we make are contributing to our ill health. We need to make wise decisions everyday.


These special active ingredients that are advertised to take away your stains actually can take away alot more than just stains. The very chemicals that you wash your little boys' underwear in, they put them on after having chemicals ingrained into them. These chemical laden jocks carry around your child's crown jewels for many years. Then as adults these boys try to produce offspring and guess what? For no apparent reason, men are becoming unable to produce good sperm. But nobody has any idea why. How interesting.


Never stand infront of a microwave while it is cooking. You may think it doesn't hurt you but raidation is accumulative. My mother has a radiation meter and once she tested the microwaves at a shop. 75% of them had defective seals.


Different coloured vegetables provide different nutritional content. Also be aware that vegetables are only as good as the soil that they are grown in. If you cannot buy organic, you may need some vitamin supplements to ensure you get your required intake of minerals and vitamins.


When you have cancer you have no option but to buy organic vegetables. You cannot afford to be consuming chemicals in any form. Your body can only battle one thing at a time.


When you spray perfume onto your skin it can absorb into the blood stream. When you get a foreign substance in your blood stream you may become extremely sick. The same applies for nail polishes, and anything you put ontp your skin. Shampoos can also be a big problem. Just choose brands wisely and don't overdo anything. Moderation is the key.


This is a bioflavinoid that is aligned with the Vitamin C complex. It helps build healthy collagen which is resistant to the mutations of cancer. It is currently under study for apparent anti-cancer benefits. Inside the body, quercitin is a powerful antioxidant helping to combat the destructive free radical molecules that play a part in many diseases. It naturally occurs in apples, onions, black tea, red wine, red grapes, raspberries, cherries and leafy green vegetables.


Experts say that 80% of our food should be uncooked. Cooking food destroys much of the nutritional value, so eat as raw as possible. Juicing is good, because the nutrition can get to cell level very quickly, and do your body the most good.


This is the single most important point and the hardest one for most people to cope with. It is addictive. Every teaspoon of sugar you eat paralyses your immune system for anything up to two hours. The more sugar you consume, the less your body is able to fight disease and cope with sickness.


Televisions emit radiation and you should not sit directly infront of it. You should also never have your television on an inside wall. The highest level of radiation is at the back of your television, and it should always be pointing to the outside of your house. Clock radios also emit small levels of radiation. Don't sleep with one beside your bed. Put it a few feet away from you.


Rid yourself of stress and tension. This is absloutely essential. Tension becomes a bad habit, and when our body is in alarm or stress or fight mode, the immune system and the digestive system shut down. You cannot be healthy if you do not learn to relax.


The development of cancer has been traced to low levels of ascorbic acid in the body. It is an accepted fact that cancer will rarely grow in an organ with good amounts of ascorbic acid in it. Vitamin C can't be stored in the body, so you must keep taking it daily.


Make sure that you buy the right kind of water filter. A cheap carbon block filter will work for so long, but if you don't change the filter, the very contaminants that you filtered out will start to come back into your water, only much more concentrated. My recommendation is a reverse osmosis filter. They start at around $350. The more you pay, the better quality you are buying.


Limit x rays to an absolute minimum. Doctors and dentists always want lots of x rays to cover them legally. But too many x rays may contribute to long term health problems. Just be aware that they may be done at a cost to your body.


Think young. Thoughts can be a great influence and can actually contribute to making us sick if we use them inappropriately. Your mind is a huge key to overcoming any illness. If you have negative thoughts and attitudes then you have lost half the battle already.


Get enough sleep! When we rest we give our bodies a chance to regenerate our body cells. Repair and rebuilding of your body cells mosatly occurs when we are at total rest. This is because we are not flat out digesting food, doing other activities and scattering our energies.

I hope that this information has helped you gain a better understanding of the possible causes of cancer. The sole purpose of this guide is to educate you so that you can make an informed decision to make a difference in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. This information may help save your life one day.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this guide is not intended to provide or replace medical advice. Its intention is to educate and inform you. You need to make your own choices. It is wise to consult your health care professional for any illness or medical condition.


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