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Aboriginal art is an investment whether you pay $10 for it or $100,000 and it is your right to be informed as to the origins of it.When buying Aboriginal art you need to ensure it is genuine and not a fake. There are many a people who have purchased art thinking it was genuine to find out later, and after parting with a great deal of money that it was either painted in Asia or by a non-Indigenous person.

How do you know it is Genuine?
If you have found an artwork and before purchasing, ask the seller questions as to whom the painting was done by, when and where. If you have an artist name, then punch the name into Google and see what you come up with. You should be able to find more information out on them. A little research into who the seller of the art is, can help to diminish any reservations. Never be afraid to ask the seller as many questions as need be to verify the genuity of the artist and painting. The only stupid question, is the one that is never asked.

What should you receive with the painting after purchase!
When you receive your painting it should be accompanied with either a Dreamtime story or information sheet about the painting, an artist profile and most importantly a 'Label of Authenticity'.

If you need more information contact Mundara or Novy, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

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